Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published Apr 25 · 2022
FIFA TOTW prediction week 32

Yet another TOTW squad will come to FIFA 22 at 6 PM UK on Wednesday. Lots of contenders this week with tons of midweek games being played as well. We have taken a look at 11 players that we believe deserve a spot in TOTW 32. Let’s get into it!


Nick Pope (85)
Our goalkeeper choice this week is the main man, Nick Pope. With a MOTM title, 4 brilliant saves, and a clean sheet kept, he could definitely feature in TOTW 32. A very impressive 1-0 win against Wolves to keep them over Everton. 



Ramos (89)
An amazing midweek game from Ramos. 3-0 for PSG away against Anges with Ramos scoring a goal, and helping PSG keep the clean sheet. We could also see Di Maria as a contender from this game, however, we believe Ramos has a bigger shot at getting it. If he does, it will also mean his OTW gets an upgrade of course.

Dumfries (86)
A very important win for Inter against Roma to keep the lead in Serie A. Another game with multiple contenders but we have gone with Dumfries as our pick. Great performance from him as an RWB with a goal as well.

Robertson (90)
Liverpool takes the win in this weekend’s Merseyside Derby with a score of 2-0 against Everton. Robertson with a great game overall and a goal as well. With the MOTM title and a clean sheet kept too, he should feature in TOTW 32.


Xhaka (82)
What a banger from this guy. Not the greatest performance overall, however with that goal and Arsenal winning 3-1 against Manchester United, this guy should definitely have a shot. Could be his first IF this year, unfortunately only an 82 rated one.

Goretzka (89)
This one is debatable since he only got an assist in Bayern Munich's 3-1 win against Dortmund. However, he played a very solid game and managed to get the MOTM title as well. We should definitely see a TOTW card from this game, and we believe it will be Goretzka.

Aouar (83)
Another astonishing performance by the young star. Once again, lots of different contenders from Lyon’s 5-2 win against Montpellier this weekend. 2 goals from Aouar and MOTM should give him the best chances but it could also be Toko Ekambi. Will be quite interesting to see for sure.



Jesus (87)
If there is one card that is a lock this week, it is this guy. An absolutely insane performance from him in Manchester City’s 5-1 win against Watford. With 4 goals and 1 assist, it would almost be criminal for EA not to include him in TOTW 32.

Joelinton (80)
Another amazing performance from a Brazillian in PL this weekend. 2 goals from Joelinton in Newcastle’s impressive 3-0 win away against Norwich should get this guy a spot in TOTW 32. Not the most desirable card, but definitely deserves a mention.

Danjuma (86)
A very impressive 2-0 win from Villareal against Valencia on Tuesday, with this guy scoring the only 2 goals in the game. A well-deserved MOTM title for him and a potential 3rd inform of the year so far.

Muriel (84)
One goal and 1 assist from Muriel in Atalanta’s 3-1 win away against Venezia this weekend. An absolutely amazing performance overall, along with a MOTM title should give him his first IF card of the year. Let’s hope!


This is our prediction for this week based on the games played until Sunday evening. Let us know if you believe we missed any!

//The GamerzClass Team


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