The Top Six Super Subs To Sign In Ultimate Team For Under 150k
super subs for 150k
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FREEZE Thorgan Hazard

Price: 107k

Thorgan Hazard’s freeze card came with a nice upgrade to his attacking stats.He boasts 88 pace, 86 finishing, 94 agility as well as 83 passing all of which are significant boosts from his regular gold card.

Due to the nature of his stats, Hazard is capable of being deployed across any position in the attacking third. He can play as a striker, a CAM as well as a winger on either flank of the pitch.

If you find yourself in a one or two-goal deficit in the latter stages of a game, Hazard can come into the game and help you launch a comeback.

IF Gareth Bale

Price: 85k

Bale is one of the most META players in FIFA 21. He’s tall, strong, fast and he has great finishing.

Following his inclusion in the TOTW 23 squad, Bale earned himself an overpowered In-Form card that makes him one of the best super subs in the game.

Bale’s IF card possesses 90 pace, 93 shot power as well as 84 finishing – allowing him to come into a game make an instant impact when he’s subbed onto the pitch.

SIF Memphis Depay

Price: 96k

Depay is one of the most skillful players in Europe – he’s also one of the most skillful players in FIFA 21

He boasts a five-star skill rating and 85 dribbling, both of which make him a menace in the attacking third.

Depay’s 88 pace, 87 positioning and 90 shot power will allow him to consistently score goals for your team when he gets subbed onto the pitch.

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SIF Yannick Carrasco

Price: 95k

Carrasco is one of the most attack-minded players in FIFA 21. He possesses a low defensive work rate and a high attacking work rate which means all his movements within the scope of a match are geared towards creating goalscoring opportunities and scoring goals.

Carrasco boasts 94 pace makes him capable of outrunning pretty much every defender in the game. He also possesses 87 finishing and 91 shot power which makes him incredibly clinical.

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable super sub, look no further than carrasco.

MOTM EUROPA Mislav Orsic

Price: 133k

Orsic earned himself a MOTM card after an impressive performance for Dinamo Zagreb in the recently concluded Europa League round of 16.

Orsic is one of the most fluid attackers in FIFA 21. He possesses 98 pace and 99 agility, allowing him to weave in and out of defences with ease.

Alongside his fluidity, Orsic is also a clinical finisher as evidenced by his 92-rated shot power stat as well as his 90-rated finishing stat.

RTTF Ante Rebic

Price: 78k

Ante Rebic is a complete powerhouse with his perfect combination of pace, shooting and dribbling. 

With a four-star weak foot, 92 shot power and 87 finishing he’s the very definition of a goalscoring machine. 

He’s got 94 pace gives him the ability to wreak havoc on already-exhausted defenders after coming off the bench.

His 6’1 height makes him borderline unbeatable in the air. There aren’t many affordable super subs who are capable of making a real difference in a game. Hence, you’d do well to sign Ante Rebic for your team.

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