The Number One Difference Between Pro FIFA Players And Casual FIFA Players
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Mechanical Skill

On some occasions, while playing FIFA, you probably find yourself in situations where you want to execute a skill move or make a pass, but for some reason, your finger “slips” and you end up pressing the wrong button which causes you to mistakenly perform the wrong skill move.

This “mistake” has to do with your mechanical skill, and it is a huge difference-maker between a pro player and a casual player.

Allow us to explain…

You see, unlike other aspects of gaming, mechanical skill is solely characterized by your ability to execute the controls on your controller. 

In other words, it dictates your ability to execute the “gameplay ideas/plays” you have in mind. 

For instance, if your mind tells you to make a quick pass, your mechanical skill governs your ability to press the buttons that will allow you to make that quick pass. 

Mechanical skill is probably the least talked about skill in FIFA, but it is arguably the biggest determinant of how good a FIFA player is, or can become.

And in a similar vein, it is arguably the biggest difference between a pro FIFA player and a casual FIFA player.


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If you watch Tekkz play, you’ll notice he’s able to transition seamlessly between in-game actions without making any mistakes.

For instance, he can make a series of fast passes and instantly execute a skill move to get a shot away…

He can also utilize multiple skill moves in a row, at lightning speeds, without making any mistakes…

And he can constantly use the right analog stick to accurately switch between his players – which as you may know is pretty difficult to do, and it’s all thanks to his mechanical skill.

Tekkz possesses what we would consider “elite mechanical skill” – his mechanical skill is so good that he rarely ever makes mistakes while executing his in-game ideas. 

And if you watch other pro players closely, in FIFA, and other competitive games like DOTA 2 or Tekken, you’ll notice that they also have the same thing, because they rarely make mistakes.

Casual FIFA players on the other hand tend to have weak mechanical skill, which forces them to make mistakes from time to time, and as you probably know, one mistake can cost you a game in FIFA.

To a large extent, “elite mechanical skill” is a prerequisite for getting good enough to play FIFA at a professional level. Without it, you will find yourself constantly pressing the wrong buttons and making mistakes on the virtual pitch.


How do you improve your mechanical skill IN FIFA?

For the most part, mechanical skill is natural. Pro players who have great mechanical skill probably never needed to “train” it. They’ve just always had it.

But just because mechanical skill is natural doesn’t mean it can’t be improved with a bit of hard work.

The fastest way to improve your mechanical skill in FIFA is to engage in deliberate practice.

And by “deliberate practice” we mean, you should hop into the skill game arena in FIFA’s main menu, and consistently practice specific gameplay patterns at high speeds, until you can perform them flawlessly in your sleep.

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