Seven Meta Central Midfielders For Under 300k Coins
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FUT Freeze Giorgio Chiellini

Price: 168k

The recently concluded FUT Freeze event flooded the market with a brand new set of META players, one of which is Giorgio Chiellini.

As part of the Freeze event, Chiellini received a position change from a CB to a CDM, and alongside the position change, the Juventus man also received a tremendous stat upgrade to make him an effective defensive midfielder.

He boasts 80 pace and 85 physicality, both of which allow him to keep up with strong and pacey forwards in midfield.

He also possesses a high defensive work rate, as well as 92 defensive awareness, which makes him incredibly difficult to come up against in the middle of the park.

Rulebreaker Marcos Llorente

Price: 132k

Marcos Llorente’s gold card was one of the most OP players in Ultimate Team at the start of the game.

Five months into the FIFA cycle, Llorente’s gold card is no longer OP, thankfully, the same can’t be said for his rulebreakers card.

Rulebreakers Llorente is a brick wall in the heart of midfield. He’s tall, fast and most importantly, he’s strong.

Standing at 6’2 and boasting a high defensive work rate, Llorente’s entire role on the pitch revolves around thwarting incoming attacks. 

He’s not capable of scoring tons of goals, he’s not capable of dribbling past tons of players, but he’s capable of putting your midfield on lock, and preventing your opponents from breaking deep into your half of the pitch and he’s able to do so because he possesses 95 pace and 95 defending with a shadow chemistry style.

Mid Icon Bastian Schweinsteiger

Price: 290k

At first glance, one might deem Schweinsteiger to be a non-meta player due to his 68 pace, however, Schweinsteiger is one of the rare few players who can perform incredibly well in the heart of midfield without blistering pace.

Schweinsteiger isn’t a typical midfield enforcer who just wins the ball back and calls it a day – he’s much more than that. He’s also a playmaker who can dictate the pace of a game and provide your team with added support in the attacking third.

Schweinsteiger boasts 83 shooting, 83 dribbling, 87 passing and 87 physicality – all of which allow him to perform both defensive and creative roles on the pitch.

With a shadow chemistry style you can boost his 68 pace to 78, making him fast enough to keep up with pacey players on the pitch. A shadow chem style will also boost his defending from 85 to 93, making him more effective at providing your team with defensive cover.

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Future Stars Florian Neuhaus


If you’re running a Bundesliga squad, Florian is a must-have for your team.

Neuhaus is one of the most well-rounded players in FIFA 21. He boasts 80 stats across the board making him a member of the very exclusive “Gullit Gang”.

He boasts 80 pace, 89 dribbling, 81 shooting, 82 defending, 87 passing and 81 physicality – and in addition to all that, he is 6’0 tall.

With a shadow chemistry style, you’ll be able to boost his pace and defending to 90 each, granting him blistering pace and prime icon-level defending skills.

N’golo Kante

Price: 86k

Kante is one of those players who never goes out of fashion. Regardless of the time of the year, he remains one of the most overpowered midfielders in FIFA 21. 

Usually, you’re better off making use of a tall defensive midfielder, however, Kante’s diminutive frame offers him a unique advantage on the pitch. 

Being 5’6, Kante boasts a low center of gravity, which makes him effective at making interceptions and quick tackles.

He’s not particularly strong as he possesses just 72 strength, however, his ability to steal the ball back more than makes up for his lack of physicality.

Kante boasts 99 interceptions, 94 defensive awareness and 87 pace with a shadow chemistry style. Despite being a regular gold card, he’s far from a regular player.

OTW Thomas Partey

Price: 46k

If you’re short on coins, look no further than OTW Thomas Partey.

Partey is one of the best box-to-box midfielders in FIFA 21. He possesses 87 physicality and 85 passing, both of which make him great at shrugging players off the ball and making game-changing passess.

Ordinarily, Partey possesses 73 pace and 84 defending, but a shadow chemistry style can boost those stats to 73 and 84 respectively.

Second InForm Frenkie De Jong

Price: 258k

Frenkie De Jong is one of the most gifted footballers on the planet. 

He knows how to pick a pass, he knows how to curl a ball into the back of the net and he knows how to consistently make interceptions.

Fortunately, his SIF card can also do all those things on the virtual pitch – making De Jong one of the best midfielders, or maybe even the best midfielder to sign under 300k coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

De Jong boasts a four-star skill rating as well as a four-star weak foot both of which allow him to perform dangerous skill moves and shoot the ball accurately with both feet. 

He also possesses 90 vision and 88 curve, allowing him to make defence-splitting passes with ease. 

Defensively, De Jong is also pretty solid. A shadow chemistry style grants him 96 interceptions and 85 defensive awareness, making him capable of providing quality defensive cover.

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