How To Preserve A Lead In FIFA 21
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FIFA at its core is a mental game. When you’re up by one, two, or even three goals, it’s easy to switch off and become complacent – especially considering the clock is winding down.

However, “switching off” is one of the worst things you can do in a game of FIFA.

When you dial your focus down, you inadvertently offer your opponent a chance to come back into the game. All they need is one goal to start believing the comeback can happen – and as you probably know from experience, that belief is a powerful force.

You’ve probably felt it a number of times while playing the Weekend League or Division Rivals – as soon as you get a goal back, your mind instantly enters “ultra instinct” mode, and next thing you know you’ve scored an equalizer and eventually a match winner.

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But How Do You Prevent Your Opponent From Gaining Momentum?

The answer is simple – never “switch off”. You need to stay focused for the entirety of a game in order to avoid slipping up and giving your opponent a chance to equalize.

Of course, if you’re up by five or six goals in the 80th minute, you know the win is already in the bag, but if you have a one, two or even a three-goal lead, you cannot afford to lose your concentration – because one goal is all your opponent needs to launch a comeback.

Outside of momentum there’s another thing that triggers comebacks in FIFA. Unlike momentum, it’s more of a tactical factor than a mental factor and that thing is something known as Pressure.

How “Pressure” Can Cause You To Lose A Lead

When we say pressure, we don’t mean a weight of expectations or anything of that sort – instead, we’re referring to D-Pad tactics like Team Press, Overload Ball Side as well as the constant pressure tactic in the main formations menu.

Towards the latter stages of a match, opponents have a tendency to deploy pressure-based tactics in an attempt to squeeze the ball out of your team and launch a comeback.

A lot of times, these pressure tactics are incredibly difficult to deal with, especially if your players are low on stamina. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to counter pressure-based tactics.

In order to render pressure-based tactics ineffective, you simply have to increase your width to 8, 9 or even 10, and play lofted balls between your players.

Doing so will keep your players far apart, forcing your opponents to cover long distances on the pitch in order to retrieve the ball while also allowing you to retain possession until the referee blows the final whistle and you secure the win.

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