Getting Started With Ultimate Team
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Understanding the transfer market

The transfer market is the most important facet of FUT. The entire game mode literally hinges on its existence.

As you know, the main allure of Ultimate Team is the ability to build squads filled with players from different leagues, nations and even eras.

But in order to build a squad, you need to make use of the transfer market. 

The FUT transfer market is a real-time market where you can buy and sell players (as well as items) for your club.

Every player on the market has an assigned value. This value is measured in coins and is subject to change depending on the overall demand and supply of the card.

For instance, a player like Marcus Rashford may be worth 100k coins on a Monday, but by Friday his value could go up to 120k coins if there’s a lot of demand for his card – so keep in mind that the FUT market is always in flux.

How To Buy Players On The Transfer Market

Acquiring players on the transfer market is incredibly easy.

All you need to do is go to the transfer market menu and type in the name of the player you’d like to acquire.

From there, you’ll be transported to a screen with multiple listings of the player, and from that point on, you can decide on what listing you’d like to purchase.

There are price filters on the transfer market menu that allow you to set a maximum price limit – allowing you to make sure you’re not spending more than you need to on a player listing.

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One Thing To Keep In Mind While Building A Squad

While Ultimate Team is centered around building unique squads, there’s one thing that limits you from truly being creative with your squad – chemistry.

Chemistry is a mechanic that, to a large extent, dictates how well, or how badly your team will perform in a match.

There are two types of chemistry, namely;

  • Player Chemistry
  • Team Chemistry

A player can have a maximum of 10 chemistry while a team can have a maximum of 100 chemistry.

Ideally, you should strive to build a team that boasts 100 chemistry, because the higher your chemistry rating, the better your team will perform. 


You see, unlike other game modes, you have the ability to alter your players’ stats in Ultimate Team using items known as chemistry styles.

Chemistry styles have an incredibly unique ability.

They boost certain stats on a player’s card. For instance, a hunter chemistry style can increase a player’s pace and shooting by 10 and 7 points respectively – both of which are pretty significant buffs.

But these buffs only apply if your players and your squad have a high chemistry rating.

If you have a low chemistry rating, instead of receiving upgrades on your players’ stats, you’ll receive downgrades – and depending on how low your chemistry rating – those downgrades can be really significant.

How Do I Get Good Chemistry?

Getting good chemistry revolves around building a squad full of players who are either from the same nation, play in the same league or play for the same club.

Meaning, if you want your team to have a high chemistry rating, your players need to have at least one of those things in common.

It’s worth noting that all the players in your squad don’t necessarily need to share the same league, nation or club. 

All you really need is for different sets of players within your team to have a league, nation or club in common.

For instance, if your defenders share the same league/nation/club, your different positions to share

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