Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published May 05 · 2022
TOTS Predictions Premier League

On Friday this week, we will get the first main league TOTS squad being Premier League. One of the most popular leagues in the game and will some amazing cards to come along with a lot of market movements. We have looked at 11 players we believe deserve a spot on the team.

What will happen on the market during TOTS?
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Let’s get into it the team!



David De Gea (93)
Starting off we have David De Gea as the goalkeeper. Even though Manchester United haven’t had the season they hoped for, it could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for this guy. With a total of 121 safes, 2/5 penalties saved, and 7 clean sheets kept, we believe he will get the spot. We obviously have other great candidates such as Allison from Liverpool or Jose Sa from Wolverhampton. We will see who takes it!



Joao Cancelo (94)
The first Manchester City contender in our prediction. Cancelo has been dominating in the LB position. He has been amazing in the defense but also in attack. With a total of 6 assists, 1 goal, 35 key passes, and a passing accuracy of 85% he should definitely feature as well. Would be a great card to play at LB or even in the midfield. Let’s hope to see him.

Virgil Van Dijk (97)
Yet another amazing season from this guy and a huge part in Liverpool’s success again this year. With 20 clean sheets kept, 3 goals scored, and a passing accuracy of 89%, he should be a lock-in TOTS yet again. A special card that has always been extremely popular and if EA decides to give him a great upgrade it will be once again.

Ruben Dias (96)

What an incredible season this guy has had along with Manchester City. He is so hard for his opponents to get past in the defense with 61 clearances, 2 goals, and 5 assists. There is no doubt about the fact that he should feature in the PL TOTS. We don’t expect him to be higher rated than his TOTY though.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (95)
One of the best, if not the best RB in the league and must be included as well. Yet another great season from him and some absolutely amazing performances. Just like Cancelo he takes a big part in the attack and is an absolute rock in the defense. Nothing less than 12 assists, 2 goals, and 83 key passes from him. This is another one that should be a lock-in PL TOTS. Our prediction is that he will be 95 rated. 



Bernardo Silva (95)
Onto the midfielders starting with our second Manchester City player. What a season he has had this year, some brilliant games and a bunch of goals as well. 8 goals, 3 assists and 54 key passes from him. Even though he isn’t one of the most popular cards to play in FIFA, but he definitely deserves a spot in PL TOTS.

Declan Rice (95)
Another amazing midfielder, and this time a more defensive one of the kind. West Ham has had a great season so far and Declan Rice has been a big part of their great performances. 40 cleared balls, 92% passing accuracy, and a lot of work for the team should give him a spot in this year’s TOTS.

Kevin De Bruyne (97)
One of the best players in the league without a doubt and another Manchester City player. Once again, he has been absolutely world-class in the midfield with tons of goals, assists, and crazy passes. A total of 11 goals with some of them being amazing and 6 assists, along with tons of important performances to keep Man City leading the PL. Another player that we can assure you will feature again this year.



Heung-Min Son (95)
Moving onto the attackers and starting with Son. Once again, he had an amazing season for Spurs. With a total of 19 goals, 7 assists, and a passing accuracy at 87% he is one of our picks for the attackers on PL TOTS. Could be an amazing card if he were to get in, let’s hope for the best.

Cristiano Ronaldo (98)
Siiuuu, what kind of promo would TOTS be, without Ronaldo. Even though his presence on the team has been heavily debated, he has been scoring a ton of goals. To be more exact, 18 goals and 3 assists, along with tons of great performances. There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo should feature in PL TOTS.

Mohamed Salah (98)
Finish off the prediction we have the Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah. A total of 22 goals and 13 assists for him this season so far and a key player in every Liverpool game. We expect him to get a 98-rated card and it could be an amazing one of a kind. What a player to end the prediction with, let’s hope to see tons of great cards.


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