Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published May 17 · 2022
TOTS prediction LaLiga

On Friday this week, we will get the third main league TOTS squad being LaLiga. We have looked at 11 players we believe deserve a spot on the team. Let’s get into it!


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Courtois (96)
Starting off our LaLiga TOTS prediction we have Courtois. For once, this was not a difficult position to pick a player for. With a total of 91 saves, 15 clean sheets, and 1/3 penalties saved he should be the GK on the team for sure. A player that has been taking a big part in Real Madrid’s success this season. 



Jordi Alba (93)
For the LB position, we have chosen Jordi Alba. Despite his age, he continues to perform for Barcelona, both offensively and defensively. With a total of 2 goals, 10 assists, and 33 clearances he should definitely make it into the team. Could be a very nice card for us to use if he does get in.

Diego Carlos (92)
For our second defender, we have picked Diego Carlos. A player that has taken a big part in Sevilla’s great performance this year, where they most likely will finish as fourth securing a CL spot. In terms of his stats, he has scored 3 goals, all of them on a header. Along with that, he has a 88% passing accuracy and 117 clearances. Another player we should see in LaLiga TOTS and a very nice card as well.

Eder Militao (93)
Yet another potential Brazilian in the defense. You can’t deny the fact that this guy has had an absolutely amazing season for Real Madrid. An absolute wall to get past and extremely fast as well. Along with Courtois, he has helped the team get 15 clean sheets, along with that he has scored 1 goal and assisted 2. A player we are almost certain we will see in LaLiga TOTS.

Jesus Navas (92)
The second Sevilla player in our prediction. We haven’t seen that many crazy RB performances this season, but we believe this guy will take it. A great season with Sevilla and is an absolutely amazing player both offensively and defensively. With 3 assists, 81% passing accuracy, and 21 clearances he is our pick for the RB position



Modric (95)
Moving onto the midfielders, we have an absolute world-class player which is Modric. He has been for years and continues to be extremely important in the Real Madrid midfield. With 8 assists, 2 goals, and a 90% passing accuracy, this guy should feature in LaLiga TOTS for yet another year.

Pedri (95)
One of the biggest talents in the league without a doubt. At just 19 years old, this guy has had a huge impact on the midfield for Barcelona with some amazing performances. With a total of 3 goals and 1 assist in quite a few games this guy will most likely feature in the squad. Could be a very solid card to use as well.



Felix (92)
For this prediction, we have picked a total of 4 attackers, since we had so many great contenders. The first one is Joao Felix. He continues to get better and perform for Atlético Madrid and at just 22 years old, he is very important for the club moving forward. Despite some injuries, he has had an amazing summer with 8 goals and 4 assists. Therefore, he is our first pick for the attackers.

Aspas (94)
For the second attacker, we have our first Celta Vigo player in the prediction. Iago Aspas has been an absolute goal machine for yet another season and should definitely feature in LaLiga TOTS. With a total of 18 goals and 4 assists, it would almost be criminal for EA not to put this guy on the squad.

Vinicius Jr. (95)
Another Real Madrid player, but we just had to get this guy in our prediction. In this season we have seen Vinicius Jr. play like never before. His dribbling, pace, and finishing have been nothing but astonishing and an important part of Real Madrid’s success. With a total of 17 goals, and 10 assists he is our third pick for the attackers.

Benzema (98)
Onto the safest TOTS contender on the whole team, Karim Benzema. You could say so much about how amazing this guy has been. His ability to score on the chances he gets, even when you think there is no way back for Real Madrid is crazy. Nothing less than 27 goals along with 17 assists, makes this guy a lock in LaLiga TOTS. Our last contender in the prediction, let’s hope for a great overall team.


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