Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published May 10 · 2022
TOTS prediction Bundesliga

On Friday this week, we will get the second main league TOTS squad being Bundesliga.. We have taken a look at 11 players we believe deserve a spot on the team. Let’s get into it!


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Sommer (94)
Starting off our Bundesliga TOTS prediction we have the Swiss wall, Yann Sommer. With 121 saves and 5 clean sheets this season, he is our number one pick to get the goalkeeper spot. With this league, we have a lot of different contenders for this position including Neuer and Trapp but we believe this guy will get it.



Alphonso Davies (93)
The first Bayern Munich contender out of a few. Alphonso Davies has had another amazing season helping the team win the league yet again. With 3 assists, 30 key passes, and overall amazing performance, he is our pick for the LB position.

Akanji (92)
The second Swiss player in our prediction. Akanji has been absolutely amazing for Dortmund this season with lots of great games and clean sheets kept. With a total of 53 clearances around the box, and a 91% passing accuracy he is another contender that is very likely to get in. A card that’s always very popular in FIFA and he will be again this year if he gets into the Bundesliga TOTS, let’s hope!

Ginter (93)
A very impressive performance during the whole season from this guy. Attackers have been having a hard time getting past him with 76 clearances and an amazing physique. Not the most popular FIFA card, but if EA chooses to give him some more pace, we could be looking at a decent card for this guy.

Frimpong (92)
One of the best LB’s this season and a big part of the success Bayer Leverkusen has had. Nothing less than 30 key passes, 6 assists, and 33 clearances from him and some absolutely amazing performances from the youngster. One we definitely should see in Bundesliga TOTS on Friday. 



Florian Wirtz (95)
We are now onto the midfielders, starting with yet another Bayer Leverkusen player. With them ending 3rd on the leaderboard and securing a CL spot we had to include some of these guys. Florian Wirtz has been absolutely killing it as an offensive midfielder with 7 goals and 10 assists, the 19-year-old wonderkid deserves a spot in TOTS.

Joshua Kimmich (97)
We believe Kimmich will make it into TOTS for yet another year. With Bayern winning the league and this guy playing a big role in most games he has been a key part of their midfield. With 10 assists, 3 goals, and 75 key passes, he is almost a lock in the TOTS squad.

Bellingham (95)
Another Dortmund player, this prediction is really one of those that contain a lot of players from the top teams. However, if somebody deserves it, it is this guy. With nothing less than 7 assists, 3 goals, and 37 key passes, the 18-year-old star should be a part of Bundesliga TOTS.



Lewandowski (98)
Probably the number one, most expected player on this team. One of the best attackers in the world, and a lock-in Bundesliga TOTS. A total of 34 goals in 33 games, with 3 assists and 5 of the goals being scored on penalties. We believe he will get a 98-rated card, and with some more pace, that could be looking amazing.

Nkunku (96)
The first French player in our prediction, we obviously need 1 for the links, and Nkunku is the pick ;) This guy has been absolutely amazing for Leipzig this year with 20 goals and 13 assists, in 33 games. He could get a great card for us to use, let’s hope!

Haaland (97)
Even tho the Manchester City deal is now done, this guy definitely deserves his last Dortmund TOTS card for now. For yet another season, Haaland has been completely crazy in the attack. With 21 goals and 7 assists, he is another attacker we will see in Bundesliga TOTS for sure.



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