Jonas Last updated / Published Jan 04 · 2022
The Top Six Icons To Sign Under 1 Million Coins

Icons are some of the most impactful players in FIFA. They can turn a game on its head and lead you to victory in a flash. On that note - here's a look at six icons you can sign for under a million coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Carlos Alberto (Capita) Torres 

Price: 913k

Carlos Torres is, dare we say, a Brazilian national hero.

He held the defensive line for his national team during the 1970 world cup and got on the score sheet with one of the greatest goals in the history of the tournament.

His major caps come from his time spent with Santos and his national team. He took up the right back position and was a force to reckon with. His prime card boasts 90 pace, 90 defence and 87 physicality - although his shooting stats can’t let him do much in front of goal, he possesses 85 positioning, 81 passing and 87 vision. 

Emilio Butragueno

Price: 858k

Emilio spent most of his senior career with Real Madrid between 1981 to 1995 before moving to Celaya and retiring in 1998 with Celaya where he played as a striker and got the nickname El Buitre (The Vulture).

His 5 star weak foot paired with 88 shooting and 92 positioning make him an ace when through on goal - his 5’6 height also gives him a low center of gravity enhancing his 90 agility and ball control and when paired with a 92 pace he lives up to his nickname.

Thierry Henry 

Price: 693k

Henry’s career was mostly spent in the EPL where he notched 174 goals in 254 appearances between 1999-2007.

He plays on the left wing and boasts of a 4 star weak foot paired with 93 positioning, 91 finishing and 88 shooting which lets him net the ball - With a pace of 90, 89 ball control and 87 dribbling evading the defenders becomes quite easy.

Micheal Ballack

Price: 830k

German CM Ballack’s career can be linked to his time with both Bayern (2002-2006) and Chelsea (2006-2010), with awards from his national team that name him as the best midfielder during his era. 

He’s a midfield brick wall with a reputation for his passing abilities, shot power and range, strength and positioning in the midfield - and this shows with his ingame stats that come in at 94 short passing; 93 long passing, 94 shot power paired with a 87 finishing, 85 strength and 86 physiciality. 

His only downside would be his 81 pace which can be offset with a shadow chem, which boosts his pace to a 91 and a 89 defense.

Robin Van Persie

Price: 518k

RVP as he’s commonly called was one of the best strikers of his generation, having been coached by both Arsene Wenger and Fergurson where he secured dubs and glory.

His ingame stats are far from basic. Pace comes in at 87 with a four star weak foot, 86 positioning, 93 shot power and 88 finishing he’s becomes a menace in and out of the 18 yards range.

He also possesses a 4 star skill rating with a 90 dribbling, 92 ball control and 87 agility which lets him weave around players with ease. An hunter chem boots his pace to a 97, and a 95 shooting with a significant change to his finishing which comes in 98.

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