Jonas Last updated / Published Nov 23 · 2021
The Top 5 Super Subs To Sign In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Under 120k Coins

Subs are a vital part of any FIFA squad given they have the ability to near-instantly alter the direction of a match by utilizing the pace, passing, shooting, and sometimes defensive abilities to see out a win or a comeback. 

To put things simply - in order to enjoy a strong stream of success in Ultimate Team - you need super subs in your squad.

After all, when your main players are tired, your super subs are the ones that will come into a game and help you secure victory.

With that said, here’s a comprehensive list of five of the best super subs in FIFA 22 right now. None of them cost over 120k, so at this stage of the game they should be pretty affordable.

Rule Breaker Jonathan Bamba

Price: 100k

Bamba’s Rulebreaker card turned an already overpowered player into a true force to be reckoned with.

The Frenchman boasts of 89 passing, 90 crossings, 91 curve,s and 93 paces all of which make him a major creative outlet on the pitch.

With how dynamic his stats are, he can be deployed anywhere across the frontline - allowing you to utilize him in your attacking third should one of your frontmen be down on stamina.

Leon Goretzka

Price: 25k

Goretzka is a tank in the midfield.

He’s arguably one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the game.

He possesses 81 pace, 82 shooting, 82 passing, 84 dribbling, 81 defending and 86 physicality. 

As you can see, every single one of his face stats are ranked above 80 - making him a member of the “Gullit Gang”, a rare group of players with an 80+ rating across the board.

While Goretzka is a player you’d usually want to have in your first XI - he’s fairly difficult to link chemistry-wise if you’re not using a Bundesliga or German squad.

On that note, it would make sense to have him in your bench - ready to come into a game and make an impact at a moment’s notice.

Rule Breaker Dejan Kulusevski

Price: 29k

Dejan Kulusevski is one of the most underrated players in FIFA 22 right now.

The Swede boasts blistering pace and powerful attacking qualities - but due to his chemistry links he’s hard to fit into a squad - which is why you probably haven’t seen much of him in FIFA 22.

However, regardless of his chemistry links - he’s the type of player that can help your team trigger comebacks late in the game if you’re trailing by one or more goals.

Kulusevski boasts 93 pace, 89 dribbling and 82 passing - allowing him to orchestrate devastating attacking sequences up front.

While he possesses some strong creative qualities - his shooting is nothing to sneeze at as he boasts 80 finishing, 80 shot power and 87 long shots.

Heung Min Son

Price: 63k

Son is one of those players that never go out of style.

If you’re running a squad without any Premier League links then you should at least consider having Heung-Min Son as a substitute option.

Son is a prime example of a gem; he changes the flow of the game literally; boasting of 88 pace, 87 shooting and a H/H work rate; he stands as an oppressor against already tired legs.

IF Memphis Depay

Price: 43k

Memphis currently sits among the most skillful players in FIFA 22.

With a five-star skill rating, 85 dribbling and 87 ball control he’s any defender’s worst nightmare.

His 83 pace, 84 shooting and 88 shot power allows him to consistently find the back of the net.

And even more so, his 85 strength grants him the ability to shrug off defenders and maintain possession of the ball even while under tremendous defensive pressure.

All in all, Depay is a pretty well-rounded substitute option that you should consider for your bench.

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