Vadim-Ianis Pruteanu
Vadim-Ianis Pruteanu Last updated / Published Sep 19 · 2022
Everything You Need To Know About The FIFA 22 Demo

With FIFA 22 set for an October 1 global release, FIFA fans across the world have been eagerly anticipating the FIFA 22 demo, which would serve as a sneak peak in terms of what to expect upon the game’s full release.

However, despite the anticipation and fanfare surrounding the demo, EA have announced that there will not be a FIFA 22 demo.

Following last year’s pandemic, EA were forced to forgo a demo for FIFA 21, saying: "We've made the decision not to release a FIFA 21 demo and instead focus our development team's time on delivering the best full game experience for current & next-gen consoles."

Hence, fans had to wait until the game’s full release to experience FIFA 21 for the first time.

EA have now unexpectedly gone down a similar route regarding the FIFA 22 demo.

We’re unsure of the reason why they’ve decided not to release a demo this year - but our guess is that they’re looking to maximize the hype from the introduction of Hypermotion Technology by making players wait to experience it for the first time on the release day.

FIFA demos typically get released 14 days before the game’s full launch - so if we were getting a demo - we’d have already received one on September 17.

Fortunately, despite the lack of a demo - you won’t have to wait until October 1 to play FIFA 22 for the first time.

Instead, you’ll be able to play it by September 22 if you’re subscribed to something called EA Play.

EA play is a monthly subscription service that grants players on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S (and X), Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 perks on select EA-produced games - and one of those perks is early access on FIFA 22.

EA Play members will be granted early access to the full version of FIFA 22 by September 22, which is 8 days earlier than the official release date - allowing you to get a head-start on Ultimate Team and other game modes.

It’s worth noting, though, that EA play only grants you access to FIFA 22 for 10 hours - after which, you will no longer be able to access the game until its full release on October 1 - or September 27 if you pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition.

While 10 hours might seem short - in reality, it’s ample time to get a head-start on FIFA 22, especially if you play Ultimate Team - as your time in the early access period could put you miles ahead of your peers once FIFA 22 gets released.

How Much Does EA Play Cost?

EA Play costs £3.99 for Playstation players and £19.99 annually for Xbox players.

If you’re someone who plays Ultimate Team, it would make sense to get EA Play seeing as it will allow you to test out the gameplay, complete objectives and rank up on Division Rivals before the game’s full release.

However, if you don’t play Ultimate Team - there isn’t much reason to subscribe to EA play - unless of course, you’re interested in other EA-produced games.

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