Jonas Last updated / Published Jul 25 · 2021
The Top 9 Kits To Use In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Despite the furor surrounding FIFA 21, it still remains the most popular football game on the planet, due in large part to the Ultimate Team game mode, and the creative freedom it offers players.

Ultimate Team grants you the ability to alter various aspects of your team, right from your stadium Tifos down to the kits your players wear.

Of course, Ultimate Team is primarily centered around winning and scoring goals but we believe in winning with style, which is why we have compiled the best-looking FIFA 21 club kits to help you make a strong fashion statement on the virtual pitch.

Borussia Dortmund (home)

With a sponsor switch from Evonik to 1&1, Dortmund’s kit features one of the most striking designs with peculiar tiger-like stripes on their yellow home shirt. 

This year, they vary from their plain style and give the players a more unique fashion on the pitch, one which is nicely juxtaposed with their iconic combination of Puma Black and Cyber Yellow.

Chelsea (home)

Subtlety is the key word in Chelsea’s turn from their pattern-backgrounded previous kit to this simpler, more mature style. 

If you’re looking to have players with less flashy colours then Chelsea’s blue is the right route. But for some who may argue that this kit is too bland to be on this list, you might want to take a closer look at it and appreciate the slight patterns in the background and the black trim on the sleeves.

RB Leipzig (third kit)

A drastic change in RB Leipzig’s third kit from the ember-wood of the previous year to a dark blue base colour accompanied by swirls of light blue and white almost giving the jersey a positively intimidating camo feel. 

All in all, this refreshingly new design makes RB Leipzig's third kit easily one of the most stylish and artistic you can find in FIFA 21.

FC Barcelona (away)

Going back to the history of Barca’s 2011/12 and 2013/14 roots, the new away jersey in FIFA 21 shows off a metallic gold and black combination.

Even the crest, just like the one in real life, is re-coloured to conform with the colour scheme. These features easily give Barcelona’s away kit the makings of one which may become a favourite among fans and enthusiasts alike.

FC Bayern (third)

This vintage style jersey is inspired by the FIFA 18 ‘Digital’ Fourth Kit which was in turn designed with the Allianz Arena in mind. The Bayern kit displays ‘Rhombus’ sashes diagonally crossing with the one in the middle being more opaque than the others.

A very nostalgic difference from the navy blue base of FIFA 20, and certainly a welcome change. Suiting look for the winners of the 2020 Champions League.

Inter Milan (home)

When one thinks of an Inter kit, one’s mind goes to stripes. Inter Milan’s 21 kit represents not only the city and its people with its style but also embodies strong symbols of Milan. Rather than the previous straight lines, the home kit this year chooses to go zigzag with a satisfying combination of black and blue.

Ajax (away)

Eredivisie’s best jersey comes in Ajax’s icy blue background with navy diagonal stripes somewhat reminiscent in style to the previous base green and khaki but also fundamentally different.

Manchester City (away)

Just like its predecessor, Man City’s away kit comes to FIFA 21 in black. However, this time around it has an interesting change with dark blue (denim) mosaic on this black base. Much unlike the plain black of the previous year.

And just like its predecessor, this kit is influenced by the city of Manchester, alluding strongly to the buildings found in the Castfield area of Manchester.

SL Benfica (third kit)

This is the very first alternate kit for SL Benfica in FIFA and it comes with elegance. The Portugese club features a jersey of royal disposition, presented in a white base with gold and black colours for the logos and graphic designs.

Arsenal (away)

The halls of Highbury escort your players with the Gunners’ away jersey, using the off-gray colour to represent the marble of the halls. However, this gray can be mistaken for white during a game. 

Arsenal’s choice of near white is a new take by the club since 2010 and this change is a welcome one.


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