Jonas Last updated / Published Jun 25 · 2021
The Top 5 TOTGS Conmebol Players To Sign For Your Team Under 100k Coins

Following the progression of the Conmebol Libertadores tournament, EA Sport has released a promotional squad, filled with a ton of overpowered players. 

Here’s a look at the top 5 players within the squad, none of whom cost more than 100k coins.

Walter Bou - ST

Price: 84,000

Walter Bou is arguably one of the most underrated players in the Ultimate Team database right now. 

He is ridiculously underused because of his league and nation combo, but if you’re willing to look past that, he could offer your team a significant attacking boost.

Bou boasts 95 pace, 92 dribbling, 94 shooting and 90 passing - all without a chemistry style.

With a hunter chemistry style, you’ll be able to max out Bou’s pace while also taking his shooting up to 98.


Lisandro Lopez - CB

Price: 37,000

Back in FIFA 20, Lisandro Lopez received an 88-rated SBC card as part of EA’s Copa Libertadores promotion. 

Lopez’s SBC was barely completed by the FIFA community, hence, only the few players who completed his SBC got to witness how overpowered he was.

Now, in FIFA 21, Lopez has received another juiced up card, but this time, he’s tradable, and extremely affordable.

Lopez possesses 93 pace, 99 interceptions and 95 defensive awareness with a shadow chemistry style - for just 37k coins, he’s arguably one of the most OP center-backs you can sign right now.


Damian Diaz - CAM

Price: 44,000

With a Messi-esque diminutive frame, a five-star skill rating and a four-star weak foot, adding Damian Diaz to your team could propel you to more wins in the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

Diaz boasts 96 pace, 99 finishing and 90 agility with a hunter chemistry style which allows him to torment entire backlines and dominate the attacking third with ease.

His five-star skill rating allows you to perform OP skill moves such as the elastico and the rabona fake.

Angileri - LWB

Price: 34k

Standing at 6’0 with 95 pace and 86 strength, your opponents are sure to struggle to launch viable attacks with Angileri manning your left flank.

Angileri is naturally a left wing-back, but you can turn him into a left-back with a position change card which costs less than 1000 coins, and would grant you more chemistry.

Beyond his pace and strength, Angileri possesses sublime passing skills as evidenced by his 90 short passing, 89 long passing and 83 vision.

He also boasts 99 crossing, which allows him to pose a major attacking threat from the left flank.

Richard Ortiz - CDM

Price: 30,000

Richard Ortiz is a unique midfielder. He’s capable of being deployed in a box-to-box role as well as a holding midfield role due to how well-rounded his stats are.

Ortiz possesses 97 pace and 99 interceptions with a shadow chemistry style, allowing him to thwart incoming attacks without breaking a sweat.

Ortiz also boasts 98 agility and 92 balance, both of which grant him the ability to retain possession of the ball and dictate the flow of the game.

The downside to his card is the fact that he possesses a 3-star skill rating and a 2-star weak foot - but considering his role on the pitch is primarily centered around defending - you don’t need to worry about his skill rating and weak foot.


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