Jonas Last updated / Published Nov 06 · 2020
The Top 5 Strikers Under 50k Coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Strikers are arguably the most important players In FIFA 21. The game revolves around pace and the ability to get into good goalscoring positions - meaning, you need fast and prolific strikers in your team in order to consistently win games in the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

On that note, here are seven strikers you can sign for less than 50k coins that can lead you to glory in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Memphis Depay

Price: 10k coins

Memphis Depay is one of the most skillful players in the world, and also in Ultimate Team.

He boasts a five star weak foot, which is pretty rare for a striker in FIFA - so if you’re someone who loves to perform advanced skill moves such as the elastico or the sombrero flick, you’re going to love using Depay upfront.

He;s got a three-star weak foot, though, so you need to make sure you’re taking most of his shots with his stronger right foot.

Ordinarily, he has 86 pace and 83 dribbling, however, with a hunter chemistry style his pace and dribbling both go up to 96 and 89 respectively, making him incredibly lethal in front of goal.

Lautauro Martinez

Price: 12k coins

Martinez is by far one of the best Serie A strikers you can buy in Ultimate Team. He’s arguably more effective than Ciro Immobile and Paulo Dybala in-game, thanks to his solid combination of stats and his weak-foot.

He boasts a four-star skill rating and a four-star weak foot, which makes it easier for him to score with his weaker foot, compared to a player like Dybala who has a three-star weak foot and costs significantly more on the transfer market.

Martinez possesses 86 agility, 83 composure and 84 ball control allowing him to feel silky smooth on the ball. With a hunter chemistry style, he’ll possess 93 pace and 88 shooting.

Luis Suarez

Price: 20k coins

Luis Suarez isn’t as overpowered as he was in FIFA 20, but he’s still one of the best La LIga strikers you can sign on Ultimate Team thanks to his passing and shooting stats.

He’s got just 70 pace so he’s not particularly effective at making runs in behind, however, if you deploy Suarez as a false 9, he’ll drop deep and pull your opponent’s defenders out of position, allowing him to utilize 82-rated passing stat to send your wingers through on goal while also running into the box to capitalize on crosses.

In addition to his passing, he also boasts 92 finishing, 89 shot power, and 88 long shots as well as a four-star weak foot and three-star skill moves rating.


Price: 35k

Rodrigo is arguably one of the most overpowered Premier League players in FIFA 21.

He’s got 91 pace, which maxes out at 99 with a hunter chemistry style, so you won’t have to worry about defenders catching up to him. He can also skill his way past defenders thanks to his four-star skill move rating.

He possesses a three-star weak foot, though, so be sure to only capitalize on chances with his stronger left-foot.

He also boasts 85 finishing and 92 shot power with a hunter chem style.

At 35k, he’s fairly pricey, but he’s worth every penny.

Joao Felix

Price: 5.4k

Felix, like Memphis Depay is one of the few strikers in FIFA 21 who possesses a five-star skill rating. In addition to his skill rating, he also boasts 85 agility, 80 balance and 82 composure, which makes him buttery smooth with the ball at his feet.

To get the most out of Felix, you’ll need to apply a hunter chemistry style on his card as it’ll grant him 91 pace and 87 shooting with his four-star weak foot - turning him into a defender’s worst nightmare upfront.


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