Jonas Last updated / Published Oct 28 · 2020
The Top 5 Pro Players To Watch In The FIFA 21 Competitive Season

The FIFA 20 competitive season was cut short earlier this year due to safety regulations inline with the worldwide social distancing directive. Considering EA was unable to see out last year’s competitive season, they’ll be keen on making the FIFA 21 season the biggest ever - and so will the pro players.

FIFA’s pro scene, unfortunately, doesn’t have as much fanfare as games like DOTA and Fortnite - but it is one of the fastest growing Esport scenes in the world.

As a FIFA player, it would be a good idea to follow the game’s Esport scene as you can learn a lot from following the pros - on that note, here’s a look at the top 5 players to watch during the FIFA 21 competitive season;

Futwiz Lyricz

Futwiz Lyricz has been one of the most consistent FIFA players over the past few years. He gained widespread notoriety in the FIFA scene when he made it to the final of the FIFA 20 Global Series event in Bucharest, and since then, he’s been regarded as one of the best FIFA players in the world.

Lyricz ended the FIFA 20 season in the top 10 of the global series leaderboard which is a testament to his ability - especially considering the fact that he ranked so high despite being unable to participate in one tournament back in February due to a ban.

Lyricz boasts one of the most sturdy defensive set-ups in the FIFA pro scene. He’s incredibly hard to break down, and watching his gameplay in tournaments should offer you some insight into how to defend more effectively on FIFA.


The man. The myth. The legend. Tekkz is without a doubt the best FIFA player on the planet. He’s proven it time and time again by winning multiple tournaments in the competitive scene.

As things stand, no other FIFA player has won as many competitions as Tekkz since the revamp of FIFA’s pro scene in 2017. He is arguably one of the most dominant figures across any esports title in the world.

He boasts a unique playstyle in which he combines fast-paced attacking movements and aggressive defending with elite-level game management.
You can learn the strategies he uses to maintain his position as the best FIFA player in the world by checking out his FIFA course here.


Dr Nightwatch

Nightwatch is one of the most analytical FIFA players in the pro scene. He’s built a solid reputation for coming up with gameplans to beat other pros based on their style of play.

He’s incredibly versed with FIFA’s gameplay mechanics - and watching his gameplay in tournaments will give you a solid insight into how to counter your opponents’ playstyles.

He’s set to compete alongside Lyricz in FIFA 21 after signing for Futwiz’s Esport team. He’s definitely one to watch going into the new season.

MS Dossary

MS Dossary is Fnatic Tekkz’s closest rival in the FIFA scene. He has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the competitive scene over the past few years and he will be looking to build on that success by trying to take Tekkz’s throne during the FIFA 21 competitive season.

His rivalry with Tekkz is likely to be the highlight of the season, so be sure to tune in when they face each other.


Nraseck was the most consistent German player during the FIFA 20 pro scene. He made it into the latter stages of numerous events and went on to win the Fut Champions Cup 2 event back in November 2019 - entering an exclusive list of pro players who have won a trophy at a competitive event.

He has a very expansive style of play - as he often utilizes unpredictable attacking patterns to consistently score against his opponents.

His high-octane gameplay is incredibly fun to watch - so be sure to tune into his games when the FIFA 21 competitive season kicks off.

P.S - going into FIFA 21, we’ll be setting up a private FIFA community where FIFA players all around the world will be able to learn directly from pros such as FnaticTekkz, gain access to exclusive FIFA 21 content and connect with other FIFA players around the world - click here to find out more.


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