Jonas Last updated / Published Jul 03 · 2021
The Top 5 Midfielders You Can Sign In Ultimate Team Right Now For Under 1 Million Coins

Midfielders are an essential part of any team. Without quality midfielders, you’ll struggle to create goalscoring opportunities, and you’ll struggle to win the ball back from your opponents - hence, it's imperative that you have elite midfielders in your squad.

There are a ton of elite midfielders in the Ultimate Team database, a lot of whom cost over a million coins, hence we've helped you narrow them down to 5 midfielders you can sign for under 1 million coins;

What If N’golo Kante

Price: 629k coins

At this stage of the game, Kante would usually have one or two 98-rated cards, but as things stand, his highest-rated card is a 91-rated card from February’s “What If’ event.

However, despite being a relatively old card, Kante’s What If card remains one of the best defensive midfield cards in the entire game.

Kante isn’t particularly gifted at attacking. In fact, if you’re looking for an attack-minded midfielder, you’re better off just skipping to the next player on this list.

But if you’re on the lookout for a midfielder who can consistently provide your team with solid defensive cover, then Kante is your guy.

Kante boasts 91 pace, 99 interceptions, 99 sliding tackles and 99 standing tackles making him capable of cutting passing lanes and winning the ball back from your opponents with ease.

TOTS Kevin de Bruyne

Price: 425k coins


In a Premier League season that was marred by injuries, Kevin De Bruyne managed to make 18 goal contributions in 23 starts, which earned him the highest-rated TOTS card amongst any midfielder in the game.


TOTS De Bruyne is the very definition of an elite midfielder. He’s a huge danger from outside of the box thanks to his 98-rated long shot stat. 

He also boasts 89 finishing and 95 positioning, which makes him dangerous from inside the box - and beyond that, he’s an expert playmaker as evidenced by his 97-rated passing stat as well as his 93-rated dribbling.

TOTS Frenkie de Jong

Price: 945k

If you’re wondering why Frenkie de Jong is so expensive - it’s because he’s arguably the “most” META midfielder from the TOTS promotion.

Frenkie de Jong is ridiculously versatile. He can literally play any outfield role on the pitch thanks to his stats.

He boasts 92 pace, 85 shooting, 92 passing, 95 dribbling, 90 defending and 91 physical.

He’s naturally a CM, but thanks to his stats he can be deployed as a winger, full-back, striker and even as a defender.

If you need a player who can perform a variety of roles for your team, Frenkie de Jong would be the perfect option.

TOTS Federico Valverde

Price: 580k 

Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde is one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the game.

He possesses a high defensive work rate as well as a high attacking work rate which allows him to make defensive and attacking contributions to a similar degree.

Valverde is an incredibly gifted playmaker as evidenced by his 92 agility, 95 ball control and 90 passing.

He’s no chump in front of goal either as he boasts 92 long shots, 80 finishing and 94 pace.

Apart from his playmaking abilities, Valverde also boasts 92 interceptions, 90 defensive awareness and 90 strength, all of which combine to make him competent at winning the ball back and thwarting incoming attacks.

Baby Diego Maradona

Price: 980k

Diego Maradona belongs to an exclusive group of players who, through sheer skill, changed the football world forever - and because of his incredible standing in world football, EA Sports made every single version of his icon cards (including his baby card) ridiculously overpowered.

Maradona possesses 93 pace, 87 shooting, 87 passing and 94 dribbling.

He also has peculiar in-game animations and traits that make him feel more “powerful” than other players. 

It’s nearly impossible to explain the depth of Maradona’s ability on FIFA, so we implore you to sign him to get a better understanding of what he’s truly capable of on the virtual pitch.


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