Vadim-Ianis Pruteanu
Vadim-Ianis Pruteanu Last updated / Published Nov 16 · 2020
FIFA 21 Attacking Tutorial; Three Tips To Turn You Into a Goalscoring Powerhouse

When you’re playing FIFA 21, there are two things you need to remember - and these two things are;

  • Defending is harder than ever.
  • Attacking is easier than ever.

The attacking AI is juiced up this year, so much so, that you can consistently win games in FIFA 21 by solely turning your focus towards maximizing your attacking potential.

That being said, you shouldn’t completely neglect your defending in FIFA 21, but you should place a greater emphasis on your attacking gameplay because at the end of the day, scoring goals is what will win you games.

On that note here’s a look at three key tips for developing a fearsome attack in FIFA 21.

You need the right men for the job

It’s hard for an artist to paint a masterpiece without the right tools - and it’s even harder to score goals in FIFA 21 without the right set of players in your team, so you need to make sure that your team is built around players that have META stats.

You don’t need to have Messi or Ronaldo in your team to have a solid attacking presence, but you do need to have pacey and nimble players leading the line for you in the attacking third.

Pace is by far the most important stat in FIFA 21, because of how easy it is for speedsters to run past defenders and get through on goal, so ideally, you’ll want to fill your club with players who possess around 90 pace.

Dribbling is also a very important stat in FIFA 21, as your ability to make quick turns will determine how often you’ll be able to create space in the attacking third. 

On that note, be sure to sign players who boast at least 85 agility and 80 balance.

Luckily weak foot isn’t a big deal this year due to how overpowered shooting is, but you’d be doing yourself a huge favour if you acquire forwards with at least a four-star weak foot.

Creating Space is the name of the game

On the surface, FIFA 21 is all about exploiting space with pacey players, but at a much deeper level, the game really revolves around creating openings in your opponent’s defensive set-up.

Creating space isn’t easy, but it’s not particularly difficult either. 

All you need to do to consistently create space is to launch fast attacking sequences and execute skill moves in 1 v 1 situations.

A fast attacking sequence involves quick one-two passes. One-twos are incredibly difficult to defend against, so if you use them high up the pitch, you’ll be able to work your way into your opponent’s 18-yard-area with relative ease.

But when you’re in the 18-yard-area, you’ll usually need to dribble past one or two players to get a clear shot on goal - and that’s where the skill moves come in.

Skill moves are a great way to dribble past players in 1 v 1 situations if you utilize the right ones.

Some of the most effective skill moves to use in FIFA 21 are the ball roll, drag back, roulette, la croqueta, and the elastico - so make sure you have them in your arsenal.

The ball roll, drag back and the roulette can be all performed by players with a three-star skill rating - but you need a four-star skill rating to execute the la croqueta properly, and a five-star skill rating to pull off the elastico - so make sure you’re using players with an appropriate skill rating before you attempt a skill move.

Putting the ball past the goalkeeper

Shooting is incredibly OP this year so you don’t have to put too much effort into scoring. That being said, there are certain shooting techniques that can help you improve your conversion rate.

If you’re shooting from the edge of the box, your best bet would be to attempt a finesse shot and you can do so by pressing R1/RB + O/B.

If you’re shooting from inside the 18-yard-area, a normal shot would do the trick most of the time just make sure you aim for the far post, as far post shots are more effective than near post shots in FIFA 21.

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