What Makes Anders Vejrgang So Dominant At FIFA?
Anders Vejrgang
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Anders Vejrgang plays with a four-man backline, and while his custom tactics are not explicitly known, he most likely plays with defensive tactics within the range of 6 depth and 4 width.

You see, unlike most players Anders Vejrgang takes a very aggressive approach to defending. He constantly applies a “manual press”, which he’s able to achieve by constantly switching his players using the right analog stick.

Anders Vejrgang also does something that’s pretty unique. He sets “defensive traps” which pretty much means that he’s able to position his players in areas where they are likely to steal a tackle, while simultaneously pressuring his opponents to go to those areas.

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The most glaring thing about Anders Vejrgang’s midfield play is the fact that he has attained mastery of the game’s basic mechanics

He doesn’t overcomplicate things with advanced skill moves. He simply passes the ball around with varying tempos and utilizes the left analog stick to meander across the pitch.

It is worth noting, however, that basic within this context should not be mistaken for easy. Anders Vejrgang has attained a level whereby he’s able to consistently use the game’s basics to create hard-to-read gameplay patterns, so while he may be performing basic gameplay movements – his style of play is not easy to replicate by any means.


Anders Vejrgang is fond of using step-overs and ball rolls to confuse players, especially when he’s within the range of their 18-yard-area. 

He’s a multi-dimensional attacking player as he’s able to utilize all areas of the pitch to launch his attacks, especially the flanks, as he’s able to stretch his opponent’s backline and force them into overcommitting, which, in turn, gives him ample space to exploit.

Like his midfield play, Anders Vejrgang’s attacking play also mostly centered around the game’s most basic mechanics. He triggers runs up front, makes quick passes, and likes to cross the ball when an opportunity to do so presents itself.

If there’s one thing you should try to adopt from his style of play, it should be the fact that he doesn’t overcomplicate his gameplay. You don’t need to use 20 skill moves in a match to win – all you need is a coordinated series of attacks that allow you to exploit the gaps in your opponent’s defence.

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