Jonas Last updated / Published Nov 02 · 2021
The Top 5 Centre-Backs To Sign In Ultimate Team Under 50k Coins

Defending is a lot harder in FIFA 21 than it was in FIFA 20, and because of this, the players in your backline matter much more than ever before. 

In order to prevent your opponent from consistently testing your goalkeeper, you need to have good centre-backs in your team. 

On that note, here’s a comprehensive look at 5 quality centre-backs you can sign for under 50k coins in Ultimate Team.

Eder Militao

Price: 20k coins

Eder Militao was a fan favourite in FIFA 20  because of his pace, height, as well as the fact that he had La Liga links. 

He’s still pretty good in FIFA 21, and luckily for us he still has those La Liga chemistry links so he’s very easy to fit into a META squad.

Make sure you slap a shadow chemistry style on Militao’s card as it will grant him 90 pace as well as 90 defending, making him an immense centre-back capable of consistently performing at a high level for your team. 

Diego Carlos

Price: 36k coins

Diego Carlos is an absolute brick wall in defence, and the best part is you can fit him into a squad alongside Eder Militao as they both share the same nationality (Brazil) and league (La Liga).

Standing at 6’1 and boasting 82 jumping Carlos is great at winning aerial duels, so you won’t have to worry too much about conceding headers with Carlos in your team.

He’s also really good with a shadow chemistry style as the chem style will grant him 89 pace and 91 defending, making him capable of disrupting your opponent’s attacks with ease.


David Alaba

Price: 29k

David Alaba is not a traditional centre-back. He’s 5’11, can dribble, can pass and isn’t too bad in front of goal. 

He’s not the kind of defender you can count on to out-muscle your opponent’s but if you need a centre-back who’s capable of passing the ball out from the back and launching attacks from deep in your own half, then you’d do well to sign David Alaba for your team.

With 76 strength, he’s not particularly physical, but he boasts 90 pace and 92 defending with a shadow chemistry style which pretty much makes up for his lack of a major physical presence.

Lucas Hernandez

Price: 3k coins

Hernandez costs 3k coins, but he plays like he’s worth 100k. 

If you’re short on coins and are in need of a defender you can count on, then Lucas Hernandez is your guy.

He’s super consistent despite his low price, he’s aggressive enough to shrug players off the ball thanks to his 86-rated aggression stat and he can jump high enough to win aerial duels thanks to his 85-rated jumping stat.

With a shadow chemistry style, Hernandez will have 89 pace while also boasting 91 defending, making him fast enough to keep up with pacey attackers.

Davinson Sanchez

Price: 31k coins

Davinson Sanchez is arguably the best Premier League defender under 50k coins. No other defender in the Premier League offers you as much bang for your buck than the Colombia international.

He’s got 74 pace, but with a shadow chemistry style his pace will go up to 86 - his defending will also experience a solid boost and go up to 91 turning him into an elite-level defender.


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