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The Best Ways To Make Coins In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Now more than ever - it’s important for every single FIFA player to learn how to trade in the FUT market.

That’s because, following the changes to Division Rivals and FUT Champions in FIFA 22 - the rewards you receive from playing these weekly competitions are now significantly nerfed.

In other words: You can’t rely solely on your weekly rewards to build a solid team. 

Which means, in FIFA 22, you only have two real options for generating tons of coins on a consistent basis;

Option One: Spend real money on FIFA points. 

If you’re okay with spending real money to build your team, then by all means go for it. 

But to be honest, we don’t recommend this option, because you’d probably need to buy A LOT of FIFA points to build a squad that’s competitive enough to help you compete in the higher divisions of Division Rivals.

So that leaves us with option two.

Option Two: Learn how to trade on the FUT Market.

Unlike buying FIFA points, trading is completely free.

You won’t need to spend any real life money to trade. All you need to do is put in a bit of time to learn how the Ultimate Team market works, and you’ll be able to start generating enough coins to build a solid team.

And to help you out with that, we got in touch with Sean “Elyyt” Eubanks, who’s one of the best traders in the FIFA community.

He generates tens of millions of coins every year with his trading methods - and because of his impressive track record, we’ve asked him to share some tips on how to trade.

With that said, here’s a look at some of Elyyt’s trading methods.

Method 1: Rash Investing

Rash investing revolves around investing in cards that are required for Squad Building challenges or objectives.

For instance, let’s assume that a new objective gets released requiring you to score goals with players from a specific league - say the Eredivisie (Dutch 1st Division).

Players from the Eredivisie will experience a quick uptick in price - and you can capitalize from that uptick by rushing to buy META Eredivisie players before their prices start to rise.

You can take a similar approach with Squad Building Challenges. 

For example, if an important SBC requires players from say the Liga Nos (Portuguese First Division), chances are players from that league will undergo a rapid price increase - so if you can buy then as soon as the SBC gets released, you’ll be able to make a decent profit in just a few hours - if not minutes.

Method 2: Mass Bidding

As you probably know, there are two ways to buy a card on the transfer market. 

You can either choose to “buy now” or you can choose to bid on a card.

The “buy now” option allows you to acquire the card immediately - while the bidding option allows you to enter a bidding war for the card.

It is typically cheaper to buy a player through the bid option as opposed to buying a player through the buy now option - so a great way to make some coins would be to bid on certain players for a cheap price - then sell them for a higher price to make some quick profit.

Method 3: Chemistry Style Trading

This method works by exploiting the value of the Hunter and Shadow chemistry styles - both of which are considered the most valuable chem styles in FIFA.

Hunter and Shadow cards usually cost around 4k or sometimes even 5k coins. 

And due to how expensive they are - they can add a few thousand coins to the valuation of almost any player in the game.

A way to take advantage of that would be to find undervalued players that have either a hunter or a shadow chemistry style pre-applied, then try to flip that player for a profit on the transfer market.

This method works because the vast majority of people would rather buy a player that comes with a pre-applied hunter or shadow chemistry style instead of having to go through the trouble of applying the chem styles themselves.

Elytt goes into these methods in more detail in his comprehensive trading class - so if you’d like to learn about the nuances involved in rash investing, mass bidding and chemistry style trading we recommend you check out his trading class here.

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