The Best Squad To Sign For Under 5 Million Coins In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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GK: Nick Pope

Price: 65k

Nick Pope is arguably one of the most OP goalkeepers in FIFA 21, due in large part to his height (6’7) and his saves with feet trait.

His height grants him a lot of reach between the sticks, while his saves with fee trait makes him great at stopping driven shots.

He possesses 83 diving, 86 reflexes and 84 handling, all of which combine to make him a great goalie in FIFA 21.

RB: What If Upgrade Kevin Mbabu

Price: 385k

Mbabu is an absolute unit on the right flank. He’s strong, he’s fast and he’s got great defensive abilities.

But beyond his ability to defend, he’s also capable of making significant attacking contributions thanks to his 92-rated crossing stat and 85-rated dribbling stat.

With 96 pace, 88 physicality, 86 defence and 82 passing, you won’t regret sticking Mbabu in your backline. 


CB: Mid Icon Sol Campbell

Price: 639k

Sol Campbell is a brick wall, plain and simple. His primary role is to thwart incoming attacks – and he’s darn good at doing it. 

Standing at 6’2 and boasting 88 jumping, Campbell is tall and athletic enough to be dominant in the air. He’s also pretty dominant on the ground, thanks to his 80 pace and 90 defending.

With a shadow chemistry style, you can improve his pace and defending by 10 and 8 points respectively, making him a true force to be reckoned with in defence.

CB: Virgil Van Dijk

Price: 115k

From his being named the best player of the 2018/19 season to garnering an impressive record breaking 61 clean sheets throughout his stay at Anfield, Van Dijk is without a doubt one of the best defenders in the world.

He’s also one of the best defenders in FIFA – and he’s got the stats to prove it.

Boasting a massive 6’4 frame, 86 physicality and 93 defensive awareness he’s able to win the ball back with ease. 

He’s got a power heading trait which combines with his 87 heading accuracy to make him lethal at corners.

We’re five months into the FIFA cycle, but NIF Van Dijk remains an OP centre-back – and he’s likely to continue to do so, until the end of the FIFA 21 cycle.

LB: What IF Sergio Reguilon

Price: 175k

In FUT, Pace is king, and Reguilon boasts plenty of it.

Since signing for Tottenham last summer, Rgeuilon has put up some pretty impressive displays for Spurs, and those displays have earned him a significant upgrade in the form of a What If card.

Costing close to 200k, Reguilon’s What If card is fairly affordable, but despite being relatively cheap – Reguilon is incredibly OP.

With a shadow chemistry style he’s got 98 pace and 93 defending, both of which make him incredibly hard to play against.

He’s also got 85 dribbling and 84 crossing, granting him the ability to meander down the flanks and whip dangerous crosses into the box.

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LW: IF Sadio Mane

Price: 438k

Mane is one of the best wingers in FIFA 21. He has a tendency to always make his presence felt on the pitch – which is pretty rare in FIFA 21.

He possesses 95 pace and 94 agility both of which grants him the speed and technique he needs to consistently dribble past players with ease and get into goalscoring positions.

Mane is also a prolific goalscorer. He boasts 91 finishing, 93 positioning and 85 shot power, allowing him to put the ball past any goalkeeper without much hassle.

CM: Prime Icon Michael Ballack 

Price: 760k

Ballack is one of the most talented midfielders to have ever graced the Premier League, and that talent shines ever so brightly in FIFA 21 thanks to his incredible stats.

Ballack is in the Gullit gang. He’s got 80+ stats across the board, making him capable of playing across multiple positions.

He possesses 91 pace, 83 dribbling, 90 shooting, 88 passing, 81 defending and 86 physicality.

As you would imagine, you’re better off deploying Ballack as a midfielder, however, you can offer him a more attacking role in your squad if you want to – after all, he’s got the stats to play almost every area on the pitch.

CM: Future Stars Florian Neuhaus

Price: 126k

Neuhaus received a much needed upgrade to his base card during the recently concluded FUT Future Stars event. 

Neuhaus is incredibly underrated and even more so, underused, but he’s capable of making a significant impact on your team’s performances.

With 87 passing and 89 dribbling, Neuhaus is a maestro in midfield. He can spot a pass from miles away, and he’s also capable of dribbling past players to carve out space across multiple areas of the pitch.

RM: Record Breaker Jadon Sancho

Price: 272k

Just a few months ago, Sancho broke the record for youngest Bundesliga to reach 50 assists in 100 games. This respectable milestone earned him an OP record breaker card – making him one of the best Bundesliga players in FIFA 21.

Boasting a five-star skill rating, Sancho is able to utilize the most advanced moves in FIFA 21. In addition to his skills, he’s pretty lethal up front, thanks to his 91-rated finishing stat.

CAM: Future Stars Giovanni Reyna 

Price: 759k

Reyna recently recieved an upgraded card as part of the Future Stars promo and that card puts him amongst the best players in the entire game.

He’s got 90 pace, 89 shooting and 91 dribbling – all of which makes him an incredibly overpowered forward.

He possesses a four-star skill rating as well as a four star weak foot, allowing him to perform OP skill moves and retain his accuracy to a large degree while shooting with his weaker left foot.

ST: Mid Icon Emilio Butragueno 

Price: 959k

Butragueno is arguably one of the best strikers in FIFA 21. He’s on a completely different level than most other strikers in the game.

He’s 5’6 which puts him at a bit of a disadvantage from a strength standpoint, however, from a pure attacking point of view, Butragueno’s diminutive frame makes him a real force to be reckoned with up front.

He’s got 92 pace, 88 shooting and 91 agility. He’s also a pretty good playmaker thanks to his 81-rated passing stat. Butragueno is easily one of the best strikers you can sign under a million coins – so be sure to add him to your team.

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