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Low On Coins? Here Are 5 OP Forwards You Can Sign For Under 30k In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

You can't win games without scoring goals in FIFA 22 - but in order to score goals, you need a solid group of attackers who are capable of wreaking havoc on your opponents' defences.

The problem, however, is the vast majority of good attackers in FIFA 22 costs hundreds of thousands of coins - and if you're low on coins - you obviously can't afford them.

Fortunately, there are some "cheap beasts" who costs under 30k coins and are still capable of leading your attack and scoring a bunch of goals.

They might not be as good as players as Ronaldo or Messi, but they can consistently find the back of the net for your team and help you win games, so without further ado, let's take a look at five of such players;

Erling Haaland (ST)

Price: 26k

Haaland has proven to be one of the most prolific strikers in the world following his exploits with Borussia Dortmund over the past few seasons.

His sublime performances in real life has earned him some great stats in FIFA 22 as he boasts 91 shooting, 94 finishing and 94 shot power.

It’s worth noting that he isn’t particularly flashy - as he only boasts a three-star skill rating, however despite his average skill rating, he’s an absolute menace in attack - especially at his current price point.

Angel Di Maria (RW)

Price: 19k

Di Maria is a creative beast on the right wing. However, it’s important to note that he only has a two-star weak foot, which can be a bit limiting against a sturdy defensive set-up.

Despite his weak-foot, Di Maria is still difficult to defend against thanks to his five-star skill rating and his 94-rated agility stat.

With a marksman chemistry style, Di Maria boasts 89 finishing and 88 shot power which grants him the ability to find the back of the net with ease.

IF Jonathan David (ST)

Price: 15k

Jonathan David is arguably one of the most under-the-radar OP players in FIFA 22.

Barely anybody talks about or uses his IF card, but it has the potential to wreak havoc on literally any defence in the game.

With a hunter chemistry style Jonathan David boasts 98 pace, 96 finishing and 91 positioning - allowing him to blitz past defenders and score goals with relative ease.

He also possesses a five-star weak foot which allows him to score goals from tight angles with both feet..

Memphis Depay (CF)

Price: 6k

Going for just 6k coins, Depay is arguably the cheapest player on this list - but don’t let his price fool you as he’s capable of much more than you can imagine on the virtual pitch.

For starters, the Dutchman boasts 92 pace with a hunter chemistry style - which when paired with his 93-rated finishing stat turns him into a massive threat in the attacking third.

He also possesses a five-star skill rating that allows him to perform moves such as the rabona fake or elastico.

And beyond his shooting or dribbling - Depay also has a trait that a lot of forwards lack in FIFA 22; He can distribute the ball accurately.

You see, thanks to his 82-rated passing stat Depay is able to make quick passing moves up front with his teammates, without losing the ball - which makes him an invaluable figure up front.

Paulo Dybala (CF)

Price: 24k

If you’re looking for a cheap striker who can consistently score goals and create chances for your team - then look no further than Dybala.

The Juventus man possesses 94 pace and 95 finishing with a hunter chemistry style, which makes him an extremely dangerous forward.

He also boasts 86 passing and 91 dribbling, both of which allow him to operate like a playmaker in the attacking third as he’s able to make quick passes, distribute the ball across long distances and of course, dribble past players to find space for a shot or a pass.

All in all, Dybala is an absolute menace in the attacking third - and if you can fit him into your team chemistry-wise then it would make sense to do so.

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