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FIFA Mastery: The Best Techniques For Scoring Free-Kicks In FIFA 22

There are a multitude of ways to take free-kicks in FIFA 22, so we took it upon ourselves to put together a detailed guide showing you the most effective free-kick techniques in the game.

So without further ado, here are the most effective free-kick techniques in FIFA 22;

Spin/Curve Freekick

The Spin freekick technique has been one of the most effective Free-Kick techniques in FIFA for years now.

It is best utilized from 20 to 30 yards out and can be taken by either a left or right footed player.

Players like Di Maria and Bruno Fernandes both boast of a FK accuracy and curve above 85 making them perfect for this free-kick technique.

Standing wide is the way to go with this technique, with the reticle aimed on the same level as the post as aiming outside would have it swing out or completely miss with two bars of power; during the run up animation, draw a half circle with the right analog stick as this triggers the curve; the faster you turn the more curve the ball gets.

And right before you hit the ball, tap the shoot button(B for Xbox and O for PlayStation) to execute a timed finish on the shot - as this would give an extra boost in accuracy and increase the probability of the ball going in.

KnuckleBall Free Kick

This might be complex given its requirements are a little bit over the top.

The technique makes the ball's movement unpredictable as it has a long travel time  before it finally gets to post - hence it is best performed from 25-30 yards out.

Going into the technique proper; a straight or default standing position is required with 3 to 3.5 bars for power with the reticle aimed at either corner of the post.

During the run up animation, you flick the right analog stick down up and down again to trigger the knuckleball, and just before you strike the ball.

Don't forget to tap the shoot button again to execute a timed finish.

Topspin Technique



This is widely considered to be the easiest free-kick technique to pull of. It can be taken by either a left or right-footed player. All it takes is to aim for the top of the cross bar; not too far from it depending on the distance. An ideal distance would be 20 to 25 so as not to complicate things too much.

A straight and default standing position is the go-to for this technique. After setting the reticle for your desired position above the bar, 3 bars would be perfect for the shot power, then flick the right analog stick up and down and don't forget to trigger the timed finishing before your player hits the ball.


Three-man Runup

This technique is simple but effective because it utilizes deception which in turn confuses the opponent. It significantly reduces the chances of getting the ball saved by the goalkeeper.

To execute this technique you have to call on two extra teammates both of whom will stand on either side of the ball.

To trigger a call on the left you tap the L2/LT button, and for the right you tap R1/RT button.

The next step to the technique would be to trigger either player to go on a run, and this is done by holding down the corresponding side of the player and performing a fake shot - for instance; L2/LT plus the fake shot triggers the player on the left side while R2/RT plus fake shot triggers the player on the right.

Right after this all you have to do is pass the ball to the player on run and he’d be in a one on one situation with the keeper and all you have to do here is just pick a spot to place the ball.

There’s a variation that utilizes the three-man technique, either player on each side lays the ball for a ground pass or into air for a volley attempt. This is done by pressing L2/LT or R1/RT + X or A for the ground pass and for a volley attempt L2/LT or R1/RT + Square or X.

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