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FIFA 22 Web App: 3 Tips For Getting Started

FIFA 22 is set to be released on October 1 - but you’ll be able to start building out your Ultimate Team nine days before the official release thanks to the FIFA 22 Web App which is set to be released on September 22.

The FIFA 22 Web App is a portable version of Ultimate Team. It allows you to buy and sell players on the transfer market, build your squad, set up tactics, apply consumables, set your kits and complete SBCs.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to play matches - but that’s what your console is for anyway.

Ahead of the release of the Web App, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide showing you how to take advantage of the Web App before FIFA 22’s launch - so without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Get On The Web App As Early As You Can


The most important aspect of taking advantage of the Web App is to get on it as early as you can.

The first few hours of the Web App’s launch are extremely volatile.

Players will undergo massive changes in price when the Web App goes live due to the sudden influx of activity on the app - but after a while, the volatility will settle down.

You need to be on the Web App during this period of volatility in a bid for you to find undervalued players that you can flip for a profit later on.

So if you have a chance to, it would make sense for you to get on the Web App the moment it goes live and immediately start looking for undervalued players.

A great way to do this is to search for overpowered players in popular leagues - and buy the players who look too cheap compared to their prices in FIFA 21.

Open Your Loyalty Packs Immediately


How do you buy players if you don’t have any coins?

Obviously, the moment you open the Web App your coin balance will be zero. But how do you get coins if you can’t play matches?

Well, the answer to that question are your loyalty packs.

When you log into the FIFA 22 Web App for the first time, you’ll receive a series of packs known as Loyalty packs.

These packs, as their name suggests, are sort of a reward for playing previous versions of Ultimate Team.

They’re a great way to kickstart the new FUT season, as they offer you a way to get some quick coins early on.

When you open your loyalty packs, you need to sell the players you pull in order to garner some coins that you can use to trade on the transfer market.

Doing so will give you a huge advantage - especially in the early hours of the Web App, as you’ll have enough coins to take advantage of the volatility period following the Web App’s launch.

Don’t sell every single card you pull, though. It would be wise to keep players who will be useful for SBCs.

Complete Advanced SBCs


SBCs are the best way to multiply your coins during the Web App period. When the Web App gets released, there will be certain “starter” SBCs that you can complete easily.

You won’t be able to get huge rewards from completing these starter SBCs, however, when you complete them, you’ll be able to unlock advanced SBCs - and these advanced SBCs tend to offer huge pack rewards.

Some of the packs you can expect to get from completing advanced SBCs are Rare Players Pack, Rare Mega Pack, Rare Gold Pack along with a few other packs.

And more often than not, these packs tend to shell out high-rated players.

By completing your advanced SBCs early on, you’ll be able to generate enough coins to trade with, up until FIFA 22’s official release on October 1.

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