Vadim-Ianis Pruteanu
Vadim-Ianis Pruteanu Last updated / Published Aug 01 · 2022

In the build-up to FIFA 22, EA has given away a bunch of details about the upcoming game, and one of those details is centered around a new card type for Ultimate Team known as FUT Heroes.

There’s still some ambiguity surrounding FUT Heroes, hence, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the new card type.

What Are FUT Heroes?

FUT Heroes are quite similar icons, but they’re also quite different.

For instance, both card types are centered around retired players who have been dubbed as legends by football fans around the world.

But while icons are centered around different stages of a legend’s career, which could span multiple years at a stretch - FUT Heroes are based on one memorable performance of a player’s career.

So to put it simply - Icons are centered around multiple years of a player’s career - while FUT Heroes are centered around a memorable 90 minutes of a player’s career.

What Are Some Special Features Of FUT Heroes?

Another way FUT Heroes differ from icons is in their chemistry links.

Icons don’t have a set league - they don’t play in La Liga, Bundesliga or any defined league in the game because of the nature of their FUT item.

And due to the fact that they don’t have a set league, Icons generally offer a soft chemistry link (yellow chem) to literally any player regardless of their league or nation - and beyond that, they only offer green links to players who come from the same nation as them.

FUT Heroes on the other hand have a set league, which is tied to the club within which they had their memorable 90 minutes in - and because they have a set league, they can offer a green link to any player who plys his trade in the same league as them.

Take FUT Hero Mario Gomez for instance. He’s a confirmed FUT Hero - meaning he’s guaranteed to be in FIFA 22.

According to EA’s website, Gomez’s hero card is based on a game he featured in for Stuttgart in the Bundesliga - hence, because his Hero card is based on a Bundesliga club, he will be able to offer a green link to any player in the Bundesliga.

When Will FUT Heroes Be Released?

Icon Heroes will be available in packs upon FIFA 22’s official release - so you’ll be able to get your hands on them from October 1 which is the game’s official release date.

If you pre-order certain editions of the game you will be able to gain access to FIFA 22 approximately four days before the official release date - offering you a chance to experience FUT Heroes before most people.

Who Will Be In The FUT Heroes Lineup?

As things stand, there are only nine confirmed FUT Heroes - all of whom are undoubtedly cult heroes in their own right.

Here’s a list of the confirmed FUT heroes along with their ratings and their leagues.

Mario Gomez, ST, 88, Bundesliga

Tim Cahill, ST, 85, Premier League

Diego Milito, ST, 88, Serie A

Jorge Campos, GK, 87, Liga BBVA MX

Fernando Morientes, ST, 89, La Liga Santander

Sami Al-Jaber, ST, 86, Saudi Arabia

Robbie Keane, ST, 86, Ireland

Abedi Pele, CAM, 89, Ghana

Clint Dempsey, ST, 85, USA


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