Johan Last updated / Published Jan 20 · 2022
5 Headliners Players You Can Sign For Under 500k

The headliners promo is arguably one of the biggest promotions in FIFA 22. It features players with a ton of juiced up stats - and for under 500k coins, you’ll be able to sign world-class players for relatively affordable prices.

On that note, here’s a look at 5 headliners’ players you can sign for under 500k;

Serge Gnarby(RM)

Price: 195k

Serge Gnabry currently controls the right wing of Bayern Munich and does it with class; from his superb passes to his incredible shooting ability.

His impressive performances for Bayern have translated onto the virtual pitch as he boasts 90 pace, 87 shooting, 89 positioning, 89 finishing and 90 shot power all of which makes him quite dangerous upfront when he’s on the offensive or goal hunting.

Not lacking a creative balance, his four star dribbling paired with 89 dribbling, 83 passing and 86 ball control make him a menace to defend against when coming against him.

Kalidou Koulibaly(CB)

Price: 205k

Napoli’s center back Koulibaly is the real definition of powerhouse - from his unique body build to his ability to keep up with pacey players and a high defensive work rate for interceptions.

In terms of pace he comes in at 84, with a 93 defensive awareness, 88 interception and 90 defending. His physicality which comes in at 89 with a 98 strength serve a role when he’s keeping players off the 18 yards.

A shadow chem turns him to a wall on wheels; his pace gets a boost to 94, with his interceptions and defensive awareness getting to 98.

Yannick Carrasco (LM)

Price: 85K

Carrasco's headliners card is arguably one of the most popular players in FIFA 22. You're likely to find him in most of the squads you face due to how OP he is.

He boasts 92 pace, 85 shooting and 84 passing which makes him a dangerous figure up front. He also possesses a four star weak foot as well as a four star skill rating which makes him hard to defend against.

 An engine chem style would dramatically improve Carrasco's abilities as it would take his pace, passing and dribbling to 97, 90 ad 94 respectively. 

Christopher Nkunku(CAM)

Price: 500k

Nkunku has had several upgrades to his base card, one of which being the bundesliga player of the month.

He boasts of a 87 pace and a 84 shooting; but his 3 star weak shooting foot might be a slight led down for some players.

However, that sort of balances out with a 89 positioning and 90 shot power.

When creating chances, his 90 passing and 92 dribbling come in full effect allowing him to create devastating attacking movements with his teammates.

Reece James(RWB)

Price: 117k

Defenders with pace are pure gold ingame and James falls under the category.

He boasts of a 90 pace which sets him aside from most right backs; Although he’s most suited as an overlapping right back with a 94 crossing, 83 passing and 89 strength which let him put the ball up in spots for easy tap in’s and counters.

He can double as a proper stay back while attacking defender with a 84 defense awareness, 83 defending and 86 physicality. A shadow chem easily maxes out his pace and boosts his interception and defending to 92.

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