Johan Last updated / Published Nov 27 · 2021
4 META Free-Kick Experts You Can Sign For Under 50k Coins In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA goes beyond knowing the skills and the right techniques to execute.

In order to take advantage of the skills and techniques in the game - you need the right players.

In our previous article we talked about some of the best free-kick techniques in FIFA 22.

Well, today, we're going to take a look at four players, none of whom cost over 50k coins that are capable of consistently finding the back of the net through Free-Kicks so without further ado, let's dive into it.

Angel Di Maria

Price: 21k

Angel Di Maria is arguably one of the best cheap wingers in FIFA 22. He boasts exceptional ball control and he also possesses a 5 star skill rating as well as a wicked left foot. 

Di Maria isn't just a good dribbler, though. He's also ridiculously good at scoring free-kicks thanks to his 88-rated freekick accuracy stat paired with 91 curve both of which make him a threat from set-pieces.

IF Anderson Talisca

Price: 11.5k

Anderson Talisca has one of the most underrated left foots in FIFA.

He's been a revered player among the FIFA community since FIFA 18 and part of the fanfare around Talisca is because of his ability to take free-kicks.

IF Talisca boasts a 90 FK accuracy as well as 89 curve - making him one of the most dangerous free-kick takers in FIFA 22.

Bruno Fernandes

Price: 30.5k

Bruno Fernandes is arguably one of the best midfield players in the entire world right now. He's consistently scored goals and produced assists for not just his club Manchester United, but also for the Portuguese national team over the past two years.

In FIFA, Fernandes is a strong offensive threat in the attacking third as he possesses 83 finishing and 89 shot power.

He’s an absolute menace when it comes to set pieces - which should come as no surprise given that he possesses a 87 FK accuracy and 87 curve.

Ranging from 20-35 yards out, Bruno can easily put the ball in the net with a knuckle ball technique or a side spin aiming for the farthest corner of the post.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Price; 21k

Liverpool right back Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of the best free-kick takers in the Premier League.

Alexander-Arnold sits alongside an illustrious group of defenders who are adept at taking free-kicks some of which include Roberto Carlos and more recently players like Leighton Baines and Ashley Young.

Alexander Arnold's free-kick taking ability has translated over to FIFA quite nicely seeing as he possesses 85 FK accuracy, 87 curve and 82 shot power.



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