7 Fast and strong Center-Backs Under 200k Coins
7 center-backs fut
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FUT Freeze Robin Gosens

Price: 127k

Gosens is capable of much more than just making tackles.

In addition to his defensive prowess, the German center-back is also great with his ball at his feet.

With a shadow chemistry style, Gosens boasts 93 pace and 91 defending, both of which are important stats for his position, but unlike most center-backs, he also boasts 81 dribbling and 82 passing.

There aren’t many defenders who are as technically gifted as Gosens, so you’d do well to sign him for your team. 

Future Stars Alessandro Bastoni

Price: 191k

Bastoni is one of the best young defenders in Europe at the moment – and through his “Future Stars” card, EA has been able to replicate his sublime performances on the virtual pitch.

Standing at 6’3 and boasting 84 jumping, Bastoni operates like a giant in the backline. He’s able to win aerial duels with ease and also score headers from set-piece situations. 

Bastoni ordinarily boasts 80 pace, 87 interceptions and 87 defensive awareness, however with a shadow chemistry style, you can bump his pace, interceptions and defensive awareness up to 90, 97 and 92 respectively.

Headliners Martin Hinteregger

Price: 58k

To put things simply, Hinteregger is one of the most underrated center-backs in Ultimate Team.

Despite being released back in January, Hinteregger remains one of the best affordable center-backs in the entire game.

He boasts 94 jumping and 91 strength, both of which allow him to consistently out-jump his opponents and push them off the ball.

A shadow chemistry style grants him 89 pace and 91 defending which makes him a force to be reckoned with in the heart of defence.

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NIF Virgil Van Dijk

Price: 122k

We’re five months into the FIFA 21 cycle, yet Virgil Van Dijk’s gold card remains one of the most overpowered centre-backs in FIFA 21.

He’s able to shrug literally any player on the entire game off the ball with one touch, and as if that’s not enough, he also has the ability to win aerial duels.

He possesses 90 composure, which prevents him from making costly defensive mistakes while being controlled by the AI, and in addition to that, he boasts 86 pace and 99 defending with a shadow chemistry style.

If you’re on the lookout for a new centre-back, don’t be fooled by the fact that Van Dijk’s card is “old”, because he’s still as OP as ever.

Raphael Varane

Price: 66k

Raphael Varane was one of the most overpowered defenders in FIFA 20, and by the looks of things, he’s carried his reign over to FIFA 21.

He’s extremely well-rounded thanks to his pace, defensive awareness, short passing and immense strength all of which are rated at 92, 94, 78 and 86 respectively (with a shadow chemistry style).

He’d be a more “complete” player if he had good shooting stats, but you’re unlikely to need him for anything other than headers in the attacking third. 

Halloween Jose Gimenez

Price: 115k

Jose Gimenez’s halloween card is a massive upgrade on his base card – so much so that his halloween card is arguably one of the best centre-backs in La Liga.

Gimenez is known for his gladiator-esque displays in the heart of Atletico Madrid’s backline – and he’s able to replicate those performances in FIFA 21, thanks to his 90-rated strength stat.

Standing at 6’1, Gimenez isn’t particularly tall, but he’s able to consistently win aerial duels due to his 90-rated jumping stat.

He’s also pretty fast too, as he boasts 82 pace, which can be transformed into 92 pace with a shadow chemistry style.

TOTGS Diego Carlos

Price: 131k

Diego Carlos is one of the most annoying centre-backs to play against in FIFA 21. He’s incredibly difficult to dribble past – even worse – he’s extremely hard to shake off when he has his sights set on marking you.

A shadow chemistry style grants him 90 pace, 96 interceptions and 90 defensive awareness, all of which contribute to his effectiveness as a centre-back.

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