7 Cheap Alternatives To Neymar And Ronaldinho In FUT
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Rulebreakers Angel Di Maria

Price: 330k

Di Maria is no novice when it comes to displaying skills in real life. He’s well known for his complex ankle breaking maneuvers, and thanks to his five-star skill rating in FIFA 21, you can replicate his real-life flair on the virtual pitch.

In addition to his five-star skill rating, Di Maria boasts 91 pace, 95 agility and 88 ball control, all of which make him hard to contain with the ball at his feet.

The only downside to Di Maria’s card is his two-star weak foot, but thanks to how OP shooting is in FIFA 21, you can score goals pretty easily even with a two-star weak foot.

TIF Memphis Depay

Price: 228k

Memphis Depay is one of the most saucy players in FIFA 21. He’s like a magician on the virtual pitch. He tricks players with his incredible skills and torments goalkeepers with his rocket-like shot power. 

Depay is one of the few skillful players who boasts immense strength. He possesses 84 strength, which translates to impeccable hold-up play.

He also boasts 84 agility, 83 balance and 88 ball control, which when combined with his five-star skill rating, makes him a nightmare for defenders.

Headliners Wilfried Zaha

Price: 369k

Zaha is the very definition of a showstopper. When he’s on the ball, defenders tremble in fear due to the big bag of tricks he has up his sleeves.

Zaha boasts a five-star skill rating, 82 strength and 91 agility. He has the perfect balance of strength and skill, allowing him to move gracefully across the pitch while also flexing his physicality.

With a hunter chemistry style, Zaha boasts 99 pace and 94 finishing, which is more than enough to torment any backline.

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IF Riyad Mahrez

Price: 91k

Mahrez’s mere presence up front is enough to strike fear into the heart of any defender who approaches him. He possesses extremely nimble footwork, hence he’s able to get around players in the blink of an eye and with seemingly minimal effort.

He boasts a five-star skill rating, 93 agility and 92 ball control which makes him one of the most dangerous dribblers in the attacking third.

Mahrez is fast, but he’s not particularly pacey, though. If you’d like Mahrez to have blistering pace, you can apply a hunter chemistry style on his card as it will offer him 94 pace as well as 91 finishing, which would, in turn, grant him the ability to find the back of the net with ease.

Halloween Douglas Costa

Price: 326k

Douglas Costa is one of the best dribblers in FIFA 21.

Despite being released months ago, Costa’s card is still incredibly OP and he’s very comparable to NIF Neymar due to his fluidity on the ball.

With a hunter chemistry style, Costa possesses 99 pace and 94 shooting which makes him lethal in front of goal – however, that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as his abilities go, because he possesses a five-star skill rating, 94 agility, 93 balance and even 93 ball control. 

Record Breaker Jadon Sancho

Price: 363k

To put things simply Sancho’s record breaker card is next-level. There aren’t many wingers within a similar price range that replicate Sancho’s performance levels. He’s one of the best dribblers in the entire game.

He’s got 97 pace and 99 shooting with a hunter chemistry style but what really stands out about the Englishman is his dribbling.

Sancho possesses boatloads of flair. He’s got 91 agility, 90 balance, 91 ball control, and to top it all off, he’s got a five-star skill rating which lets him play in a very Neymar-esque manner.

SIF Paul Pogba

Price: 398k

Pogba is an absolute tank in midfield. He’s 6’3, boasts 91 strength and 80 aggression – but don’t be fooled by his physicality, because Pogba is capable of so much more than just tackles and blocks.

He’s capable of leaving players bamboozled with skill moves thanks to his five-star skill rating.

If you’re in search of a midfielder with the grace of a flamingo and the raw strength of a lion, you’d do well to buy Pogba’s SIF card.  

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