Top 5 Heroes to buy Aghanim Shard on
Heroes to buy Aghanim Shard
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If you are a Dota 2 player, you must know by now how Earthshaker has made it to the top 5 of the list of best heroes to get Shard. In order to understand why this upgrade is so powerful on ES, let us first see what the upgrade does for the hero. With Aghanim Shard upgrade on Earthshaker, the Fissure Segment provides the caster an unobstructed walk within 150 range of the Fissure. This actually means that you can walk through any obstacle if you have a Fissure Segment on the ground. Similarly, Aftershock also gets applied at the Fissure Segment whenever you use it after landing your Fissure. In simple words, you can actually hit enemies with two Fissures.

This ability is so broken on the hero that almost in every game, people tend to play Earthshaker again. 


Due to the lack of popularity of the hero before the Mistwood update, Valve decided to give the hero a buff. The hero is already famous for turning the games around with its ultimate sucking in everyone inside in a team fight. Enigma can cast a black hole that cannot be denied even with a Black King Bar (BKB) on. Therefore it is easy to turn the games around if a team plays around its ultimate. The new Aghanim Shard ability has made the hero stronger than ever. If you have purchased Shard on Enigma, you will be able to pull enemy heroes from a 1200 radius around the black hole. The enemies start getting sucked in at a speed of 175.

This range is crazy and if you are a little good with your Enigma, you can easily hit a 5 man black hole to win your games.

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Batrider is also the hero of the current meta. If you are a high MMR player, you must be irritated by Batrider’s appearance in almost every game. The hero is very strong and its new upgrade with Aghanim Shard is also very helpful. 

The Aghanim Shard does not add any new ability to the hero. However, it upgrades one of its existing abilities. Batrider with a Shard on can use Flaming Lasso on an allied unit. During the allied Lasso time, the unit gets an 80% damage reduction. Similarly, if Batrider uses its Lasso on an allied unit, it only goes on cooldown for 20 seconds.

The new update to Lasso can be used in team fights to prevent players from getting any damage by the enemies. The hero is extremely powerful and is considered one of the strongest heroes in the current meta.


Bane also gets a strong Shard upgrade in the new update. Valve has introduced a new way to help prevent your irritation towards the cancellation of Fiend’s Grip. If you have Aghanim Shard on Bane, your ultimate receive a buff. An illusion always respawns on your right side at around 400 range. The illusion also gestures to be applying Fiend’s Grip to the same target you are actually applying your ultimate to. The illusion also faces towards the target while doing so. 

You can also cast spells through illusion and can walk around the map normally. However, you cannot use items on your illusion, as if you tried doing it, you will kill the illusion. The illusion stays for a maximum of 20 seconds while you can cast spells through it. This upgrade is really annoying for enemies but highly useful for your team. Bane is now one of the famous heroes in the meta due to its new upgrade. 

Nyx Assassin 

Nyx Assassin has also received a buff in the new update that has led to its increased popularity at the moment. The new Shard consumption allows Nyx to reduce the target’s Magic resistance by 20% through its Vendetta. This allows Nyx to perform better and increases his overall efficiency with his spells. 

Similarly, the Shard update also provides a bonus movement speed to the hero while using Vendetta. The bonus speed through an Aghanim Shard upgrade is 40%. Nyx can also reach his maximum movement speed through this ability. This means that a Nyx with the third level of ultimate and Shard can reach up to 535 movement speed without Boots. This just shows how fast the hero can move on the map without even having Boots. Therefore, Nyx becomes highly useful in the late games with a Shard on when the whole team is on a hunt for enemies. 

The new Mistwood update has changed the game drastically. Every other hero now comes with a new upgrade or has a new power. The game is now faster than ever. We have described some of the best heroes on which you can buy Aghanim Shard to make your games more interesting. Shard works on any hero in the game. However, they are not so reliable on every hero like we have discussed earlier. Try using Shard with these heroes and let us know how your experience was with it.

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