Peter “PPD” Dager 4 Hour Support MasterClass Review
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First of all, PPD’s masterclass contains a total of 20 episodes including a first introductory lesson to present Peter as a coach and player. For those who are not familiar with him, PPD is most known for being the captain of Evil Geniuses and leading the team to the trophy of The International in 2015.

What makes his course completely unique is the fact that it only focuses on the first 10 minutes of the game from a position 5 perspective. In a way, it’s quite advanced because it will not cover many of the fundamentals of support. However, Peter is so great at explaining what to do that it seems very simple and easy to replicate. 

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Focusing on mainly the early game from a support perspective, you’ll learn quite a lot about the following topics: 

  • How to Identify and Select Good Support Heroes

The first thing you learn is also the first thing that happens whenever you queue up for a game. Picking a great support hero is crucial to having a good game.

  • How to Create a Competitive Draft

Something that is exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else at the moment is the episode on competitive drafting and how he thinks about this topic.

  • How to Win The Laning Phase

Oftentimes as support, your hero is the most impactful in the early game. Especially in the current meta, the laning phase is the part of the game where the game is decided a lot of times.

  • When to Pull in Lane

Pulling is one of the least understood and underrated parts of the laning phase. Many players know they should be doing it but don’t necessarily understand how and why it should be done. PPD explains this topic in-depth.

  • What is the best time to leave the lane?

Leaving the lane is another complex topic that people in the lower MMR brackets struggle with alot. Former TI winner breaks it down in simple terms so you always know if it’s a good or bad decision to leave your lane.

  • How to Apply Pressure as Position 5

Lastly, before wrapping up the course, you will learn how to apply pressure as position 5 so you can have maximum impact as fast as possible in your games. This way you create space to your cores and help empower them to carry the game.



When it comes to the quality of the class, it is just as well produced as all the other previous ones. It’s a bit shorter than the previous one with Misery sitting at 4hours and 20 minutes, but considering it hyper focuses on only a specific topic we think its okay.

Just like all their previous Dota 2 MasterClasses, the quality of the extra added graphics is top-notch and provides high value when it comes to understanding the topics. The visual appeal is very nice and easy to follow.
If you are looking to learn more about the fundamentals of the game or Position 4 support, go ahead and check out N0tail’s Masterclass or Cr1t- & Handsken for roaming support.



The Pricing of PPD’s gamerzclass is the same as all the other classes. Subscribing to the Supreme Dota 2 Membership is only $9.99/month and gives you instant access to Peter’s Support course.

Once you are a member you can choose to either watch this brand new course or feel free to learn about any other position from even more pro players.
Furthermore, with your membership, you can also join live seminars and ask these pros any questions you might have to gain even more knowledge and improve faster than ever.

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