Playing around Vision - Is it Important?
Vision Dota 2
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Playing around Vision

Playing around vision in Dota 2 gives you the extra advantage of knowing your surroundings very well. You can farm around under the visioned area, you can also call for a fight under that area too. Following are the major points that can help you improve your game if you play around vision in Dota 2.

Safe Farm

In a match of Dota 2, if your team has a late-game carry, which means your team has carries that can perform better when they are farmed, you might need to create more space for them. In some cases, creating space means that your whole team keeps the enemy distracted from your main Carry, while your Carry farms. In other cases, space also means that you provide farm to your Carry player as much as possible.

Now if we think about providing farm, you can either create stacks for your carry or you might provide the vision for him to safely farm the jungle. If you have placed Wards around your side of the map, your Carry will definitely farm better and confidently. This will give your Carry an advantage to farm better and perform better. Similarly, this will eventually help you in winning the game. Therefore, providing vision and playing around vision can ensure a safe farm for the whole team. 

Better Team Fight

If you play around vision in a match of Dota 2, you will always have an upper hand when it comes to team fights. In most cases, enemies try to hit you by surprise. To do so, most players use ‘Smoke of Deceit’. If a team is lacking vision in a specific region, and the enemies hit the team under Smoke, there are much higher odds that the smoked team would win the fight. 

However, if a team is farming or playing around vision, a smoked team will get detected and for sure, the other team will prepare itself for the upcoming fight. In this case, the victim becomes the bait and catches the prey easily. 

Other than Smoke fights, there are tons of heroes in Dota 2 that grants invisibility as an attribute. If your enemy team has such heroes in their draft, you must not take risks and play without vision. If you place Sentry Wards (gives you a true sight for invisible units) around the map, you might be able to gank the invisible heroes very easily. Therefore, playing around vision can help you win multiple team fights for sure.

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Capture more Perks

In a match of Dota 2, if your team is playing around vision, it can have access to more things than the enemies. For example, if you have Wards around the river, you will be able to see which Rune is spawning. It can give you a far greater advantage if you capture more Runes in the game. Let’s assume that your team is all set for a team fight, and you have a vision around the river as well. Before you engage in the fight, you see that there is a Double Damage Rune available. Now, this is the instance when your vision gives you an upper hand over the enemies. You Carry would definitely rush for that Rune and then help you with the team fight. 

Similarly, Roshan kill become very crucial in some games of Dota 2. An enemy team always tries to repel you from taking the Aegis of Immortal. However, if you have a vision around the Roshan’s pit, you might be able to take the aegis in a more comfortable manner. Therefore, playing around vision in Dota 2 can always get your access to greater advantages. 

Better Ganks

If your team plays around vision in Dota 2, you can have the advantage of ganking the enemies more. We would never recommend you to place aggressive Wards in the early stage of the game. However, if your draft contains heroes like Pudge, Mirana, and Lion, you can always go for aggressive Warding from the very beginning. 

In most cases, teams try to go for the defensive Warding and minimize the chance of ganks from the enemies, in the early phase of the game. However, as the game progresses, you must place aggressive Wards and provide vision to your team. If you have the vision access to the enemy’s jungle, you will surely have an advantage of ganking anyone who comes under that Ward. Therefore, playing around vision can surely give you an advantage of ganking enemies in a better way. 


Dota 2 is a complex game requiring several techniques and methods to win a match. During a match of Dota 2, both teams try to out farm the other to win the battle. Playing around vision in Dota 2 is very important for every team. As it has so many advantages and you can actually perform better when you are playing under vision. If you ever play a Support role in the game, try and provide vision to your team as much as possible. You will definitely feel the difference in your team’s gameplay under vision.

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