How Dota 2 got Famous?
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Million Dollar Prize Pools

Dota became the first esports game ever to introduce a huge prize pool in the competitive scene. The biggest tournament of the year, ‘The International’ for Dota 2 gained so much hype that multiple fans turned towards the game. 

In 2011, Valve announced the biggest event for any esports game to happen for the promotion of the game. The first and biggest of its time prize pool was $1 million. This prize pool remained the same for the second year as well. However, in 2013, Valve came up with a new strategy for every year’s prize pool of The International. The organization started releasing Battle Pass before the event every year and sent 25% of the revenue generated by it to the prize pool.

The community played a huge role in making the game famous every year. Moreover, the prize pool of the tournament kept rising every year and it has still not broken the streak. Eventually, in 2019, Valve held the biggest tournament in the history of Esports with a prize pool of $34 million. The same increasing effect lifted the prize pool of the event in 2020 as well. Valve announced around a $40 million prize pool for The International 10. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the organization had to postpone the event. 

If we talk about the popularity of Dota 2, we can never ignore the fact that the biggest prize pool International played a vital role in it. 

Realistic Graphics

Unlike other MOBA games in the esports scene, Dota focused on producing more realistic graphics in the game. The biggest competitor of the game, League of Legends, still does not match the graphic quality of Dota 2. Similarly, the heroes in League of Legends look more like cartoons, unlike in Dota 2, in which most of them look real. This played a huge role in making Dota 2 famous, as fans liked the real character effect in the game.

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Better Gameplay

Valve has always focused on producing better gameplay in Dota 2. Throughout the years, the organization has changed the game in so many ways. The first and the biggest change in the game came out when Valve introduced Talent Trees in the game. With patch 7.00 in the game, Valve changed the hood, introduced Talent Trees, and remodeled multiple heroes, in 2016. A lot of fans first hated the new concept of the game. However, Talent Trees became extremely famous later on. Similarly, a lot of fans complained about the new short hood of the game. But, they seemed totally normal later on. 

Just like this, Valve made a habit of releasing new heroes every year. The organization also kept changing the map a little bit to make the game better than ever. The famous Roshan pit also got moved from its old location to provide a better Aegis contest. 

As a matter of fact, Valve has changed the game so much throughout the years, that if a player who left Dota in 2011, would not be able to easily understand the game now. The continuous change in-game and Valve taking Dota towards betterment every year made the community like it even more. If we talk about the drastic hype of Dota, better gameplay is definitely one of the reasons. 

Infinite Combinations

Valve has spent days and nights to create Dota 2, one of the best games ever. The game is highly complex and a lot of new players leave it after trying a few matches. Every game of Dota 2 consists of an unlimited number of combinations between hero abilities. This means that every hero comes with some abilities, and during a team fight, each hero can cast his/her ability at a certain point to create a combo with another hero. 

These combinations are infinite in terms of team fights which makes Dota a very complex game. Instead of calling it complex and leaving it behind, fans liked the in-game strategies and trying multiple combos in the game that nobody knew existed. All these team fight scenarios gave the advantage to Dota 2 over several other MOBAs. 

Throughout the years, Valve has further improved these combinations to provide better gameplay. Therefore, complex and better gameplay has definitely favored Dota in gaining so much fame. 


Since 2010, Valve has done any possible thing to make Dota 2 in the competitive scene of esports. The organization has also kept the streak of the biggest tournament alive over the years. With a classic strategy, Valve has also involved the community to keep this streak alive. The involvement of the community has favored the game in gaining so much popularity. 

Similarly, the organization has always worked on providing better gameplay to the fans. Thus, the community sticks with the game and keeps it alive.

We can never undermine the fact that Dota 2 comes from a powerful background. The game is actually a community-made mod of Warcraft III. Therefore, the Warcraft fans actually moved towards playing Dota 2. One way or another, Dota is not dying soon as it is gaining more and more every year. 

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