How Dota 2's New Overwatch System will help the Community?
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Runtime Reports

The new Overwatch system lets a player file a report against false behavior right in the game. You can click on the red flag available in front of each player in the scorecard to file a report. As you press the red flag, you receive multiple options to file a report. You can select any option according to the misconduct in the game. You can also report scripting and hacking in the game through Overwatch. In addition to filing a report, you can also select the time of the misconduct. There are multiple options like ‘Just Now’, ‘1 Minute Ago’, or ‘5 Minutes Ago’. These timestamps help the judge to look at the misconduct closely and pass out a real statement. 

Therefore, the runtime report system is going to help the community to report a particular moment in the game and get the result as well. This will eventually help the players to remove the foul and misbehaving players from the game. 

Authentic Results

The Overwatch system selects some of the highest rank holders in the game to monitor the reports by different players. These monitors also receive extra points if they pass authentic responses. As they look at a particular moment in the game, it becomes easier for them to pass out a real judgment. On the other hand, if a monitor passes out a false result and calls someone guilty while they are not, he/she receives some negative points. Earning negative points every now and then can actually end up removing the monitor from judging anymore. Therefore, the monitors will pass out authentic results of the reports. As a result, only those players will receive punishments that actually deserve them. 

The new system also gives multiple options to the monitors as well. They can select a result from Guilty, Not Guilty, or Insufficient Evidence. If a monitor calls out Guilty to a report, the following player receives a punishment through the system. Similarly, if a monitor calls Not Guilty to a report, the particular person does not receive any ban or punishment. Moreover, if a monitor calls out Insufficient Evidence to a report, the system still does not impose any punishment on the player. 

One way or another, the system is going to be harsh on the real toxic players in the game and will definitely improve the community. 

More Opportunities for Valve

As Valve gives the responsibility to the higher rank holders in the game to judge the reports through the Overwatch system, the organization can spend time on bringing better things in the game. Most likely, Valve will spend more time improving the gameplay and other stuff in the community. One thing is clear, Overwatch is going to save a lot of time for Valve, which the organization will use in other ways. 

Therefore, Overwatch will help Valve bring so much more to the game and will eventually improve Dota 2’s community in the future.

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Less Toxicity in Ranked Matches

Dota 2 is famous for its toxicity, mostly in the ranked matches of the game. Players are not so friendly in the ranked matches as they gain or lose rank through them. A single mistake can cause a player to act toxically during the whole match. However, with the introduction of the new system in the game, players will not be doing the same thing anymore. As every player in the game now knows that every report will be monitored, they will try to act less toxic for sure. 

If you face any toxic players in the game, you can just report them using the Overwatch report points. Slowly but surely, the community will improve as most of the toxic players in the game will be eradicated through the Overwatch system.


In conclusion, we can say that Overwatch is definitely going to change how Dota 2 worked. The community had a free hand to try out abnormal things in the game. However, with the new report system, players will respect each other more and behave while playing. Also, Valve is getting a lot of work off its shoulders through passing the judgments to the higher-ranked players. Valve also says that the organization will keep on checking some reports itself also the judgments of the monitors. We cannot say that the organization is totally free from the reporting section, but the workload is definitely lesser than before. 

The authentic results of the reports will also help remove the actual bad players from the game and make Dota 2 a better place once again. Valve needed to make the ranked Dota better again, and with the introduction of Overwatch, it surely has done it. In a few days, a lot of players will start receiving the punishments and the community will see how the new system will benefit them.

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