Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published Nov 02 · 2021
The Most Important Nerfs And Buffs In Dota 2 Patch 7.30 e

Here's a comprehensive look at some of the biggest nerfs and buffs in Dota 2 patch 7.30 e;


1) Echo Saber

Echo saber was probably the most purchased item in the game.

It has amazing stats as it grants extra damage, attack speed, and mana regeneration.

On top of that, it amplifies your farming speed, making it a good item not only to fight but also to farm.

Cooldown was reduced from 5 seconds to 6. While this might not sound like a noticeable change, it is pretty noticeable during a fight since it reduced the damage output from the effect by 20%. Of course, the item is still purchasable, but it is slightly nerfed, making it more reasonable and not overpowered!

2) Silver Edge

Similar to Echo Saber, Silver edge was as common as an item could get. You were to see that in almost every carry hero due to the items damage and effect it provided.

As for now, Silver Edge does 8 less damage (60->52) and 5 less attack sped (40->35). Similar to the Echo Saber, the item is still in a fine place, and you can still buy it.

3) Tiny

Tiny was one of the most picked in both the International but in the pubs as well. The amount of damage he could output with his avalanche, toss echo saber, silver edge combo would almost demolish anyone.

Tiny had two of his core items nerfed. On top of that, his Tree Throw does significantly less damage level 1(200% -> 40%), which nerfs his ability to harass and secure range creep at the early levels.

Tiny is still a good option, but now he struggles to have both a good laning stage and a fast, strong middle game. So from now on, first, pick Tiny needs to be more thoughtful.

4) Void Spirit

Void Spirit was also quite picked in the TI. It is a hero who has been constantly nerfed since he came out, except in the previous patch.

What changed this time?

They nerfed the Void Spirits late game. They reduced the Dissimilate stun talent at lvl 25 from 2s to 1,75. On top of that, shard bonus damage deals less damage, and lvl 20 spell amplification was reduced from 14 to 12%.

If you add the previous nerfs on the hero, Void Spirit is left with a good laning stage that needs to snowball in the middle game. His late game is still fine due to his excellent mobility, but he suffers a bit to find solo kills on the supports in the backline.

5) Tinker

Tinker is probably one of the most annoying picks in the game. After the rework, everybody in the Dota community struggles to play against him.

In the last patch, he received some mana and damage nerfs. This time Seeking Missles mana cost was nerfed in the early levels.

Most importantly, the Scepter bonus cast range was reduced from 300 to 200, making the hero easier to get caught.

6) Slark & Monkey King

Slark didn't receive any nerfs, whereas Monkey King got nerfed slightly. His movement speed was reduced by 5, and his Primal Spring and Boundless Strike CD slightly increased (1 & 2s).

The reason why these heroes were nerfed was the nerf on Echo Saber and Silver edge. MK and Slark are natural buyers to the items above. Similar to Tiny, nerfing these items indirect nerfs Slark and Monkey King as well.

7) Magnus

Magnus, the Team Spirit's signature hero, got nerfed. His shard no longer stuns and provides 100% slow and attack speed reduction. That means that the blink into shard into skewer combo can now be interrupted by items such as BKB or Force staff.


1) Pudge

Once again, Pudge got buffed. His hook now costs 110 mana instead of 135. That means that in level 1, you have 3 hooks instead of 2, which is a huge buff. In addition, you can get to use the hooks to secure range creep or farm a big camp (not suggested!).

2) Pugna

Pugna received another minor buff. Pugna now has 50 extra cast range on his Nether blast. In the previous patch, he received another 50 cast range on the spell.

Pugna's biggest counters in the lane were Lina and Ember Spirit. Both heroes, while not being nerfed a lot, will not see that much of a play. That might make Pugna, a forgotten hero, to see some play.

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