Nicolai Jensen
Nicolai Jensen Last updated / Published Jan 10 · 2022
The best heroes and compositions for Aghanim's Labyrinth

Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum is Dota 2's new holiday event mode that brings with it a series of challenges and obstacles combined into a very fun experience for both old and new players. It is a 4-player PvE roguelike game mode that pits you against a series of enemies that you have the option of choosing, before facing the ultimate boss.

Aghanim's Labyrinth is known to be quite challenging, something that even high-skill players may struggle with, if they lack coordination.

We covered some of the mistakes that you should avoid in the game mode in this article. Make sure to check it out and understand what to avoid in order to make your journey easier!

In this guide, we will talk about the best heroes that you should prioritize when trying to win a match of Agh's Lab. Dawnbreaker, Kunkka, Phoenix, Sand King, Undying, Clinkz, Drow Ranger, Gyrocopter, Juggernaut, Luna, Bane, Lich, Lina, Void Spirit are heroes that are available to you by default.

You can also unlock certain legacy heroes that were available during the first iteration of this game mode. These are Magnus, Mars, Omniknight, Snapfire, Tusk, Slark, Sniper, Templar Assassin, Ursa, Viper, Weaver, Disruptor, Queen of Pain, Winter Wyvern. They can be unlocked either by levelling up your battle pass or completing the skill tree by using Aghanim's Blessings that you collect for playing the game mode.

To make it easier, we will only be talking about heroes that are available to you by default.


Phoenix is an incredibly powerful hero that is perfect for Aghanim's Labyrinth. Not only can it deal an absurd amount of damage, but it also has great utility that can help the team survive against powerful bosses and captains.

The hero's strengths lie in being able to heal allies, slow enemy movement and attack speeds and also deal AOE magical damage to a large number of units. However, it does suffer from having to expend both heal and mana to cast spells. These spells also have long cooldowns, which can be severely limiting in the early rounds, before you have items or shards for cooldown reduction.

Since Phoenix usually can't be the frontliner to soak damage, the hero synergizes well with one that can do the same. Undying, Sand King and Dawnbreaker are good examples of this. It is also good if you pair it up with carry heroes that deal physical damage with their basic attacks, but need something to sustain their health. Phoenix can stand behind such heroes and heal them with Sunray while they clear the enemy waves and bosses.

Bonus tip: If you get the option, always choose to go for the 'Flame Revenant' legendary shard on the hero. It makes clearing rooms much easier and scales incredibly well into the later rounds.

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger's strength lies in being able to deal massive amounts of single-target physical damage. This mainly helps against bosses and captains, including the final boss Primal Beast.

She has some decent wave clear with Multishot as well, but its not the main focal point for the hero. You do want to max this spell along with Frost Arrows first, as it helps deal damage from afar when you can't commit too close. It can also be a way of cheesing your way through a room, particularly at very high difficulty and/or when not all of your teammates are alive.

The hero does lack in mobility and tankiness, which she makes up for in the sheer amount of damage she deals with Marksmanship. This makes her perfect to be paired up with a Phoenix who can heal her from the backline using Sunray, and also a tanky frontline strength hero that soaks up the damage from the enemies.

Bonus Tip: Pairing up Drow Ranger with another ranged right-clicking hero like Clinkz, Gyrocopter or Lina can be a great idea, making them a deadly duo as a result.


Undying has gained a lot of popularity in this game mode, and for good reason. He is an excellent frontliner and one of the tankiest heroes available to play.

His Tombstone serves as a great wave to clear large waves and can also attract as a bait, distracting enemies from attacking your teammates and hitting it instead. You can choose to buy Octarine Core and Refresher Orb, casting two or sometimes even three Tombstones at once. This tactic can be used to clear almost any room that the event mode can throw at you.

His ultimate Flesh Golem makes him the tanky frontliner as mentioned above. But it also allows you to increase the amount of incoming damage on an enemy hero by a substantial margin, perfect for speedrunning teams hoping to get a perfect run. This also makes him a perfect hero to pair with Drow Ranger.

Bonus Tip: His legendary shard 'Goading Totem' allows you to taunt enemy units to it for up to 4 seconds. This also works on captains and bosses


Juggernaut has come out as a sleeper hit in the sequel to Aghanim's Labyrinth, but not for the reasons you think.

Contrary to his usual role as a physical damage dealer, Juggernaut shines best as a magical damage dealer in this new event mode. The idea is simple: get every single shard for Blade Fury that you can. Whether its increasing its duration, increasing its damage or reducing its cooldown.

There are some really useful legendary shards as well, that multiply the effect of the spell and allow you to clear large waves of creeps at once. On top of all that, his Healing Ward serves as a crucial tool to help his teammates survive.

Bonus Tip: Although Juggernaut plays in the frontline, he is not meant to be a damage soaker. It is recommended that you build some items that make him more survivable in the later rounds.

And remember, it is better to spam a single hero rather than try to play a wide variety over time. So, which hero will you spam in Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum?


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