Nicolai Jensen
Nicolai Jensen Last updated / Published Jan 18 · 2022
How to defeat the Primal Beast in Aghanim's Labyrinth

It’s been a few weeks since Dota 2’s new event game mode Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum has come out. The sequel to 2020’s popular game mode that was loved by the community is here with new challenges to test you.

Players around the world are trying to figure out how to get past certain rooms and which heroes are playstyles are the strongest. There are five difficulty levels, or ‘ascension’ levels that give you even more formidable foes to fight.

Defeating the Primal Beast however, is a whole different ball-game. You have to put the combined knowledge and skill learned from clearing all the smaller rooms, and then some. But most importantly, you have to learn the beast’s moves to find out its weak points.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can defeat the Primal Beast in Agh’s Lab. It applies to all difficulty levels, right from Apprentice to the Apex Mage level.


One of the most important things in this game mode is movement speed. Being able to dodge enemy nukes or projectiles and keeping a distance between yourself and them is essential to surviving.

With that in mind, buying Boots of Travel is a must. If you have the gold before the final round against the Primal Beast, upgrading to Boots of Travel level 2 can also be useful.

Other items that should be in your inventory and are considered “must-buy” are Black King Bar, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Octarine Core. We will explain in the following sections why that is the case.

You may also upgrade your Eul’s Scepter to a Wind Waker if you have the gold. Not only does it give you the ability to reposition yourself while in the cyclone, but also give an added 30 movement speed bonus.

The remaining items can be whatever you like, but we recommend something that increases your damage output, since we have survivability covered.

First phase

In the first phase of the final room, the Primal Beast charges at heroes in a straight line. This is pretty easy to dodge. You just have to be careful not to direct the beast into your teammates.

Then, he starts throwing rocks at each hero. Dodging this is a little bit harder since it predicts the direction in which you’re going. This is where your movement speed comes into play. Although 400 MS is the bare minimum, we recommend having at least 500 MS for an easy time.

Then, the Primal Beast starts charging a particular hero while smashing the ground. This is also quite easy to dodge, just keep on the lookout for the falling rocks. These rocks will soon turn into golems.

The final move in the first phase is when the beast picks up one random hero and starts smashing them at a fixed point. The damage you receive from this is non-lethal, as it is based on a percentage of your current HP.

The smashes create rings of damage around the Primal Beast. They deal physical damage, so you can avoid it by using a Ghost Scepter / Ethereal Blade, or by using Winter Wyvern’s Cold Embrace or the neutral item Wand of the Brine.

You can also move to the other side away from the beast where there are no rings of damage. This can be difficult if the beast is smashing the hero right in the middle of the map. After that, the cycle repeats.

Second phase

Once the beast is below 50% HP, he will add another move to his cycle, where he jumps in the middle of the map and starts smashing the ground, alternating with his right and left fists.

These smashes create tremors that split after travelling a certain distance. This is where your recommended item build really comes into play. Since these smashes deal magical damage, they can be dodged with a Black King Bar. Also, Juggernaut’s Blade Fury or other sources of magic immunity also work.

Keep in mind that the BKB’s 7-second duration is not enough to dodge all the smashes. You will need a Eul’s Scepter or Wind Waker to dodge the last one or two waves. And lastly, the Octarine Core is to keep the cooldowns of these items low.

The Octarine Core is recommended even on physical damage heroes, although it is more useful on magical damage heroes. You may be able to manage with a Spell Prism if you don’t want to buy an Octarine Core.

The smashes deal a significant amount of damage, which makes it the most difficult aspect of defeating the Primal Beast. The key is to take it slow and remember this pattern of the beast’s moves. Even if all your teammates are dead, you can solo the beast on almost any hero, even at the Apex Mage level. Just stay calm, be patient and chip away at his health.

Good luck in your attempts to slay the Primal Beast!


Anomaluna is an avid Dota 2 fan who started playing the game in 2014. Known for making quirky guides and posting on reddit, they’ve been working as a writer/editor in the scene since 2017.
When not studying the meta or updating one of their guides to the latest patch, they like to learn and talk about politics and philosophy.
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