Dimos Skenderidis
Dimos Skenderidis Last updated / Published Sep 13 · 2021
DOTA 2: The Top 5 Carry Heroes In DOTA 7.30

The new DotA changes in patches 7.30 & 7.30b allowed more carry heroes heroes to be viable for high level competitive play. Here's a comprehensive look at five of them;


Gyrocopter was a strong hero in the previous patch. His overall talents were just simply underwhelming, which made him somewhat of a bad option compared to other carry heroes in the game.

However, following the release of the 7.30 DOTA patch, Gyrocopter has evolved into one of the best carry heroes in DOTA.

Your game plan with Gyrocopter should be simple: You max flak cannon, get a level in homing missile, and then get stats. After that, you are allowed to go for a level in rocket barrage.

Your items should always be crystalys or dragon lance into aghanims. Later, you always itemize against enemy heroes. Items like butterfly, satanic, and BKB are usually a must. It's important to tell your teammates to stack jungle creeps or ancient in order to accelerate your timings!

All in all, Gyropcopter has turned into one of the best carry heroes in the game following the new patch - it would be wise to make use of him in position one going forward.

Phantom Lancer

It's simple! If Gyrocopter is in meta, Phantom Lancer is in meta.

PL is well known for his abilities to chase range heroes down and kill them. The amount of mobility this hero has usually made it impossible for the ranged heroes to hide, kite him, and kill him.

His itemization is usually quite simple: A casual hood if you get to play versus high damage heroes like Sand King and Lescrac into Diffusal into Manta or S&Y. From there, items like Butterfly, Skadi, Basher, or Shard into Octarine are all acceptable, and it depends on the enemies.

Phantom Lancer power spike is level 6. This allows him to farm in the lane. If you struggle in the lane, make sure you hold until your level 6, and then switch to the jungle and start accelerating your farming process.

Monkey King

A hero that we hadn't seen in a while is finally back. What changed, though? In the past, Monkey King's Power spike was level 3. Until then, his Jingu Mastery technique wasn't that strong.

But having been blessed with a stronger Jingu Master level one following the new patch, as well as 25% life steal - it's fair to say that Monkey King is an absolute monster in the laning stage.

Most importantly, items allowed monkey king to be more effective. Monkey is the perfect hero for winning the lane, split pushing and fighting when other carries are not even close to their timings.


Slark draws a lot of parallels with Monkey King. He excels at winning lanes, pushing waves and fighting in the early stages of a match.

The multiple buffs on Dark pact transformed Slark into a splitpush machine.

Echo saber, Sange and Yasha and Shadow Blade, Diffusal Aghanims Scepter, BKB, and Skadi are all acceptable and what you need highly depends on the enemies. If I had to give one, my option would be to go for echo saber, shadow blade into BKB, and force rotations on the enemy carry! Be cautious though.

It's worth noting that Slark struggles to play from behind, so make sure you know about any smoke gang on the enemy side!


Sven is a double-edged sword once you understand how to move around the map.

He performs excellently against the likes of PL, Gyrocopter, and Luna.

While Sven himself didn't undergo many changes, Terrorblade was quite nerfed, allowing Sven to shine.

His plan is similar to Gyrocopter's, but his timings are much faster.

You can have an echo saber, S&Y, while you are level 12 and you are in a position to kill anybody. Of course, again, Silver Edge, BKB, Dagger, and Assault are all acceptable items after you have your first few core items.

Lastly, heroes like Luna are still back in the meta. The hero was not nerfed enough to throw her out of an S hero. So do not underestimate her if you get to face her in your games!

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