Dimos Skenderidis
Dimos Skenderidis Last updated / Published Nov 01 · 2021
Dota 2 Mastery: When To Pull As A Soft Support Player

As a soft support, your main priority is to shut down the enemy carry. Therefore, you're supposed to build your entire strategy around making the game unplayable for your enemy carry.

The best way to do so would probably be to side pull in order to deny a lot of exp and gold.

Ideally, as a position 4 player, you should pick a hero that complements your team's position 3 hero, that way, you'll give yourself a much higher chance of performing well in a match.

A few great pos 3 and 4 hero combinations would be Snapfire and Slardar/Mars, Sand King and Lina, Beastmaster with Dark Willow/Rubick and Timbersaw/Bristleback with Keeper of the Light.

All of the above combos can trade really favorably, forcing the opponents to stay out of regen.

With that said, let's dive into when to pull as a soft support player.

Change The Lane Equilibrium

This is the safelane starting position. We do not want to have this lane equilibrium because the enemies are nearby the tower, and we struggle to force them. They can simply retreat to the safety of the tower.

So, we have 2 options! Both of the options are decent! If you noticed, almost all the heroes above have some ability to push the wave while they secure the range creep.

Rubick, Keeper of the Light, Mars, Bristleback, etc

1) You push the wave and play aggressively under the tower with your extra creepwave

Heroes like Bristleback, Kotol, and Timbersaw that naturally push the wave can easily extend their lead, pressuring the enemies under the tower.

Heroes like Mars, Axe, and Slardar struggle early on as they are not that tanky in the early levels. However, they have this option later in the game.

2) You push the wave and side pull

This is the main reason for the article. Side pulling is the safest way to play the lane. So what do we try to accomplish?

->Deny EXP. Once we have a level difference, we try to force a fight that is more likely to be favorable.

->Deny crucial gold from the enemy carry!

-> Bring the creepwave in the best possible situation for our offlaner to farm safely.

Here's some information you should know about pulling.

If you are Radiant, you want to pull at 1:50 (2:50, 3:50, etc.), where you stack and pull simultaneously!

The benefit of the Dire is that the big camp is so close to the lane that it is almost impossible to interrupt it!

Tips: If you play the position 4 role, you need to be prepared! It would be best if you always had a sentry with you. If the enemies have blocked the camp, you should instantly deward it and start the plan from the next minute! In the meantime, it is also essential to know that the enemy camp should be blocked. Otherwise, they can simply pull themselves, and then the lane will be back in the original place.

How many times should I pull?

If you constantly deny creepwaves from side pulling, then you should keep up this formula. However, you do not necessarily want to be aggressive after one side pull.

Remember that the goal is to deny the carry as much as possible. If this formula keeps working on your lane, why change it? Keep pushing the wave and keep denying creepwaves! But, of course, you can also keep the creep wave under the tower and let your offlaner farm freely.

Do not forget, though, that the enemies can pull the small camp and the big camp.

It is your job not to let them pull the big camp. Instead, harass the enemy support and throw him away from the big camp, making it impossible for them to take advantage of that side pull!

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