8 Tips For Dota 2 Beginners
Dota 2 beginner
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However, veterans players will often use everything in the game as a resource even their own health points. By constantly looking at the enemy inventory you can always decide if you want to go for trades especially in the laning phase. 

If the enemy is out of regeneration, then going for investing 110 gold into a salve and going for a trade can put the enemy in a position where they are no longer able to stand near you without the threat of dying. At lower ranks, this can lead to a significant advantage.


2. Objectives Are More Important Than Kills

The player versus player aspect is perhaps one of the most important things that make Dota 2 such a fun game, but it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects at the same time.

It feels great when you are fighting the enemy heroes and get a lot of kills and feel like you are outplaying them. Sadly a Dota 2 match ends when the enemy ancient is destroyed and not when you hit a certain kill score. Between you and the ancient stands a lot of towers that need to be taken down first. Think of kills as opportunities to deal structural damage to the enemy buildings rather than get more gold.

According to veteran & pro players, focusing on objectives is one of the most important things in the game. Every time a tower goes down the enemys’ map control gets smaller and smaller, therefore limiting the number of resources they are able to acquire. Like we’ve established earlier, Dota is a game of resources.


3. Good Drafts are well Rounded.

Every hero in the game has a certain number of characteristics. Some heroes are great at dealing damage to enemy heroes while others are great at destroying buildings and some can barely provide any damage but offer a high amount of disable.

Similarly, all heroes have different timings. A timing is when a hero becomes significantly more powerful once he reaches a certain stage of the game. This can be represented by either an item (Earthshaker + Dagger), level (Lion + level 6) or talent (Shadow Shaman + 100 cast range at 15).

Good drafts are often a combination of heroes that excel at all moments of the game and can deal with all the strengths of the opponent while exploiting their weaknesses. Therefore make sure when you are picking your hero that it doesn’t tilt the balance in one direction. 

Having too many greedy late-game heroes can definitely lead to a fast loss while a draft with no tower-hitting heroes might become very hard the moment you want to go high ground.


4. The Map & Timer are your best friends

dota 2 beginner
If you have new to MOBA games, then you might be having a difficult time paying attention to the minimap and the timer at the same time. In the beginning, you want to be focusing mostly on controlling your hero & making sure that you have a good understanding of how to play it. 

As time goes by, great players have become accustomed to glance at the minimap at all times to check what is happening on the other sides of the map. On the other hand, there’s always something happening in Dota 2 even when the game seems to be calm.

You can stack camps every minute, power runes spawn every 2 minutes, bounties & catapults every 5 minutes, day & night cycles, wards expire, rosh timer and so much more information that can be gathered by just watching at the clock.

If you feel lost in the game and are not sure what you are supposed to be doing at that exact moment, just take a look at the timer & maybe you’ll get an idea. There’s always something to do.

dota 2 beginner


5. Information is power

“Dota 2 is infinitely more complex” and having developers like IceFrog overhauling the game every year with small updates once a month is definitely not helping newbies. This is why you always need to be as informed as possible and keep up to speed with the most recent patch notes.

The more you know about the hero you are playing with and against the more you will know how to adjust your in-game strategies. The worst thing that can happen is to queue up for a game and face a hero that you have no idea what is doing and having to spend precious time on reading spells or items.

Aside from reading patch notes, you can also practice heroes & combos in the demo tool. However, for item builds I recommend playing a few turbo games. They are generally shorter in length and allow you to reach higher levels & net worths very fast with no consequences on your actual rank.

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6. Good Habits are the secret to Good Dota 2

The secret to Dota 2 is to be consistently playing well game after game. One way to do this is to continuously build solid habits. Like mentioned previously, watching the minimap & the timer are a good start but there’s so much more to work on.

Not being lazy is perhaps the biggest habit you should be working on. Every single creep score matters so don’t be lazy with your last hits. Always try to be as efficient as possible with your movements and farming patterns. Oftentimes players reach a certain level and then think they’ve done enough or they don’t have to put any more effort into it.

Unfortunately, good habits take time to build and require a lot of focus in the beginning but as you become more used to the game you will be able to do them as part of your muscle memory. Start with the minimap & timer, move to last hits and farming patterns before you move into treads switching and other efficiencies.

Take it one step at a time and within a few months, you will be able to consistently play at a high level every game.


7. Mute Toxic Players Immediately

When you are playing in the beginning, many players will hurry up to teach you how to play and tell you what you should be doing. While you need to always be open to new ideas it’s important to distinguish constructive criticism from flame.

If you feel your teammates are not providing you with any valuable information and are just throwing insults left and right. Immediately mute them. This is the best course of action and a lot of times doing this is one of the most game-turning activities you can do.

dota 2 beginner

The worst thing that can happen is to let your own teammates get into your head and throw you off emotionally. Never feel the need to explain yourself especially if your desire is to get better.

There’s no reason to listen to what people in your bracket are saying because you are looking to get out of that bracket. Instead, ask questions and listen to what people higher ranked than you are saying.


8. There’s Always a Solution

Unlike other games, Dota 2 is unique because no matter how bad the game looks, there’s always a little bit of hope and you should never give up. Don’t be that guy who runs into the fountain and sells all his items only to buy sentries and block friendly camps. Not only will you get yourself banned, but you will also never improve.

During the game try to always think of solutions because there’s always something you can do even in bad situations. In The International 2018, in the upper bracket, team OG is playing versus Evil Geniuses in game 3 and they’ve fallen behind 20,000gold in networth by the 35th-minute mark. They’ve lost 2 full lane of barracks and it’s not looking grim.

But instead of giving up, OG keeps playing and looking for solutions. They play more aggressively than they should because they have to take a risk and after capitalizing on a few mistakes, they find themselves equalizing the gold disparity within 10 minutes. They end up turning the game around after 53 minutes and end up winning the game and the tournament.

Had they given up, they might have never become the legends they are today. There’s always a solution and something you can. Always play to get the best performance possible and you will see your win rate increase.

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