MTE Last updated / Published Feb 10 · 2021
BunnyHopping (bhop) Commands

Bhop Binds

Generally speaking, it's quite easy to set Bunny Hopping up for CSGO. All you need to do is hold down the button to run and press the jump button while doing so. However, you do need to assign jump to an easy to press button while running. It's a good idea to bind jump to the mouse wheel but, not all players enjoy this placement. Some players will find this interferes with shooting too much.

Before you start: You need to enable the Developer Console

To enter BunnyHop commands you'll need to ensure the developer console is activated. Go to the Settings and find the 'Game' section, towards the bottom of that is an option to enable it. Once this is enabled, you can press the tilde key (~) to enter some commands to improve your Bunny Hopping capabilities.

If you want to set the bhop to the mouse wheel then you can use these commands to do so:

bind mwheelup +jump

bind mwheeldown +jump

To enter the above commands all you need to do is press the tilde key (~) and type or paste into the small box that appears then press enter.

Good Bunny Hopping commands

Different commands can be entered to modify the movement in different ways results in an automated jumping ability to increased velocity.

If you want to see your movement speed in the game, there's a way to do so by entering a specific command into the CSGO console. This is very useful so you can further modify your game according to your needs.

CL_showpos 1 – This will bring up something that looks like the FPS information table but instead provides you with information such as your current velocity (speed). Standing still you will see this number as zero and running with a knife will cap it to 250. With this open, you'll be able to see how big the benefit is for you when using the Bunny Hop mechanic.

It's also worth adding that while sv_cheats 1 is very useful, this does not work on public servers. Meaning that Bunny Hop commands won't work in public games and they should only be used as training tools on private servers that allow them.

How to Train Bunny Hopping

As mentioned above, the CL_showpos 1 command is key for seeing your speed and is a fantastic training tool. Bunny Hopping in a straight line is a good way to learn the movement basics but, this is much slower than strafe Bunny Hopping. Moving in a straight line with this movement actually makes you slower than just running normally and having the velocity stat on screen lets you confirm what works best.

Strafing while using the Bunny Hopping is a great way to move faster which is critical if your team wants to rush to certain points on the map. It's a good idea to understand the basics of Bunny Hopping before learning to add strafing into it.

Here is how to Bunny Hop in CSGO:

  1. Press forwards
  2. Jump
  3. Press D in mid-air
  4. Move the mouse to the right
  5. Jump just before you land
  6. Press A in mid-air
  7. Move your mouse to the left.

This will also work from the other direction of course. The above instructions are how you would start the Bunny Hop when moving to the left. 

This will work when starting from the right as well, all you need to do is complete the above movements from the opposite direction instead. You may find that starting it in one direction feels more “natural” but you should learn how to start the Bunny Hop from both.

Other Bunny Hopping Tips

It's a good idea to practice this movement on a private server since the latency will be different between a server and a single-player game. Practicing the movement on a self-hosted server might be an easy way to learn the movement but this doesn't translate well to the timings you'll experience on a real server.

One of the most important things to know is that the Bunny Hop movement is very sensitive to the mouse movement speed. This means you must be smooth and consistent. Getting this wrong will cause you to lose speed instead of gaining it which is, obviously, not ideal. This is why it's important to practice the Bunny Hop movement until it becomes almost second nature for you and to build the muscle memory needed.

[You can insert a video/teaser from Gamerzclass where a pro of you Bhops?]

Bunny Hopping sounds more complex than it actually is and watching someone else do this movement usually clears up any confusion. This can also be used during combat which means you need to ensure the jump is bound to a comfortable key. You want to be able to move with ease but also quickly start shooting when needed. If you're racing to an area of the map then there's a good chance you'll need to engage an enemy quickly as well.

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Don't be disheartened if it takes a little longer than expected to learn how to Bunny Hop. It's a rather deceptively tricky thing to learn. There are other skills much more important in CS:GO to become a good player. We at Gamerzclass got you covered. Check out our free trial and convince yourself!

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