Rush teaches CSGO

RUSH Announcement

Jonas CS:GO

The whole entire team at GamerzClass is very proud to present to you: William “RUSH” Wierzba – The ultimate Entry Fragging Course. Some people enjoy playing the AWP and some …

NBK teaches CSGO

NBK Announcement

Jonas CS:GO

Nathan “NBK” Schmitt is one of the most famous CS:GO players and have played for prominent teams such as VeryGames, Titan, LDLC, EnvyUs, and G2. He’s been a part of …

Snappi Teaches CSGO

Snappi Announcement

Jonas CS:GO

Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer transitioned into professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from a background in professional 1.6, and quickly established himself as an experienced veteran within the game. His career in CS:GO …

Maniac teaches Counter Strike

Maniac Announcement

Jonas CS:GO

We’re very pleased to welcome former Major-playoff participant and CSGO Analyst Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez to our coaching portfolio. Maniac has previously played for Titan & Team LDLC but has since …