Three principles to learn from “dev1ce” that could improve your gaming performance

Three principles to learn from “dev1ce” that could improve your gaming performance

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When it comes to any professional area in life, there are a lot of exceptional individuals who make their contribution to the world by doing something unique, thus becoming an immortal inside the hearts and minds of the community they affected.

Basketball has Jordan, Bryant, James, and many others… Mixed martial arts have McGregor, St-Piere, and Bisping…

When it comes to CS: GO, one of the guys that transformed the game, and was able to cement his status among the esports legends, is without a doubt – Nicolai Reedtz, aka „dev1ce“. Hopefully, by analyzing his style of play, his mentality, and his approach to the competition, we could extract some of the tips that, when applied, have the power to improve everyone’s’ game.


Devil is in the details

Nicolai is known as the guy who does not believe in coincidences. Anything that has to do with his career and anything that he considers as helpful to his goals is being carefully organized, allowing him to always stay sharp and focused on his schedule. Tracking his progress and keeping things in order is what also gives him the power to separate important from unimportant – given the fact that we live in a fast-paced world, distractions are everywhere, and Nicolai is very aware of how things can go south when there is a lack of discipline.

That is why he is always consistent with his performance. When it comes to playing against the toughest competition in the world, he does not have to worry about being unprepared or surprised. If everything is in its place, he gets a clear opportunity to show his full potential. If history has taught us anything, he can be quite scary when he unleashes all of his abilities.


What does all of this mean to you?

Organize yourself when it comes to esports. Rethink everything – your PC, your mouse, your movement, reaction time, your ability to change and overcome. Track your results, notice when you are at your best, and also be honest enough to admit when you are not getting the desired outcome.

Do this for a while, pay attention to a micro level, and you will experience a macro improvement.


Stay humble in victory and defeat

In March of 2019, Astralis and Dev1ce destroyed Team Liquid in the quarterfinals StarLadder Berlin Major and went on to win the tournament. However, after an amazing duel between the two esports titans, Nicolai gave the following statement: „Despite our win over them, they’re still the best in the world.“

Wow. That is not something you would expect to hear from someone who just had their biggest rival squashed and dominated. Instead of going on a frenzy, Nicolai stayed calm and composed, acknowledged the mistakes they made in the match, and gave respect to the opponents – that is something you rarely see, especially when playing CS: GO with friends.

Most of us allow ourselves to get carried away by the moment, and react inappropriately. When winning, it is important to be grateful for a good performance from you and your teammates. When losing, it is important to be aware that you can fight another day, and not yell at the screen and your guys.


Hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard

There is a reason why „dev1ce“ is one of the best players in the world right now – work ethic. You do not become a global star by chance, let alone earn a million dollars from using your craft.

Is he blessed with an amazing talent? – Yes. But, his talent would mean nothing if he didn’t work with it and shaped it into what it is today.

We were all given a gift at birth. But, that gift is simply a tool. How we use that tool and where we point it at – that is what determines the level of our success. You may not reach the level of Nicolai and his colleagues (or you might, one can never know), but if your work on your skills, if you increase the number of hours and improve your focus – the results will show. It is inevitable.

So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to three things mentioned above – details, character, and work. It is up to you to take the principles and use them in a practical manner so that you can achieve practical changes. After you reach a certain level, new challenges will emerge. When you notice how simple it is to change things that you want to change, success will almost seem like a game, and this time, you will be winning.

It is only when you have mastered the rules, that you can play with them.

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