Twistzz Announcement

Jonas Announcements, CS:GO

We started 2020 in pure force with multiple huge names in 3 of our 5 titles and today we are extremely pleased to add a 4th on the menu. After the success of our first collaboration with Team Liquid in our League of Legends section, going further was the only natural choice we had.

Today we’re maintaining the competitive integrity of our platform and Counter-Strike portfolio with the addition of North America’s most hyped talent and HLTV’s #9 in the world: Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken.

Twistzz is a 20-year-old CS prodigy born in Canada who has been playing Support/Rifler for Team Liquid since 2017. Considered by some as the most talented NA player at the moment, he is a gem that is starting to polish himself into a diamond and we’re super proud to announce he will help contribute to the growth of the scene with his own unique GamerzClass.

Team Liquid is the powerhouse of NA CS:GO and is considered one of the best teams in the world and Twistzz is the main star of the team. They are the 2nd team to win the Intel Grand Slam (3 intel titles in a row) after Astralis and have been completely dominating throughout the entirety of 2019.

This course has been filmed earlier in March and is now in the production phase. You can expect this course to go through a lot of the game mechanics that lead to world-class decision making, utility usage, map walkthroughs and more. Everything in this course is aimed to help you reach your maximum CS:GO potential.

With CS:GO experiencing peak player base numbers and massive esports love, we expect a lot of people to draw value out of this course and we are rushing to release it as soon as possible. Coming out later this spring.

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