Frederik Byskov joins GamerzClass

Frederik Byskov Announcement

Jonas Other

We at GamerzClass are running as fast as we can to give you all the best experience on our platform and our courses, but sometimes you need to expand and we want only the absolute elite to join our team, and that is why we can now finally announce that the father of Astralis and former partner of RFRSH Entertainment, Frederik Byskov is now joining the GamerzClass team!

“One of the first esports projects I’m ready to announce my involvement in after my time at RFRSH Entertainment is GamerzClass. GamerzClass delivers best-in-class educational content/courses within the esports field on how to improve your in-game play, no matter what title you are playing. Currently courses on Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and FIFA available, with well-known players from teams such as Fnatic and North.

I will help GamerzClass with the development of its business going forward. If you want to know more about educational content/courses within esports, feel free to reach out.”

We are so thrilled to have Frederik onboard and we know that his contributions will take us to the very next level.

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