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NicoThePico Announcement

Jonas League of Legends

We’re working in overdrive in order to bring the community top quality coaches. I think it’s safe to say that Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård is one of them, with over +1.500 one-to-one coaching sessions and nearly 3.700 units sold of his previous course with immense success and ratings. He’s the former head coach of LoL Origen, Fnatic and Ninja’s in Pyjamas in EU LCS and one of the profiles that the community requested.

“I’m incredibly excited and proud to work together with Gamerzclass to deliver truly Masterclass level content on Esports. The professionalism and eye for details from Gamerzclass have been unmatched by anything I’ve encountered before and I am convinced it will show through our course! I’m also very much looking forward to future collaborations and assisting Gamerzclass at succeeding within the League of Legends sphere of Esports! I really hope you’ll enjoy the course, very much looking forward to hearing feedback and suggestions for future updates! Enjoy, and thanks, NicoThePico ”

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