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Jensen Announcement

Jonas League of Legends

We’re starting 2020 with the right foot forward as we are extremely happy to announce that we have teamed up with arguably the best League of Legends mid laner in NA: Nikolaj “Jensen” Jensen.

Stacking 2 LCS titles and multiple playoff wins on his shelf, Team Liquid’s superstar mid laner is one of the most solid western players out there, maintaining his top 3 position in NA for the better half of the past decade. He’ll be teaching you how to climb in solo queue and how to dominate the game, every game. The Mid-lane is one of the most contested roles in the game, but only very few can master it successfully. This course will be specifically designed and updated to Season 10 to bring out the best in every player so you too can start creating those flashy plays and make a name for yourself on the rift.

We intend to make this a timeless course that will prove itself to be valuable regardless of what patch you will be playing on, but we also want to make sure that we give out specific and relevant advice that you can use directly in your next game. This is always the greatest challenge for us at GamerzClass, but we’re sure to be able to deliver our best course to date in the League section.

Coming February 2020.

Pre-orders are now live. Click here.