GamerzClass 2.0 - Product and Website update

GamerzClass 2.0 – Product and Website update

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Good Day everyone,

2020 has been a crazy year for GamerzClass and we like to believe that everything we’ve done so far has brought us here.

We’ve intended for this year to be a year of growth and development and we’re super excited to announce that it has been exactly what we wanted.

The year started out really great with the release of perhaps the greatest FIFA course with the #1 player in the world at the time Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt. We followed that up with multiple S-tier names like Jensen (League of Legends), Twistzz (CS:GO), and even the back to back TI winner Topson (Dota 2).

We’ve met and learned so many things from the best players in the world and that’s everything we wanted to accomplish since the inception of GamerzClass as a platform. A place where people can join and gain insights from the biggest stars in the gaming world.

COVID-19 Changes

However, just like everybody else on this planet, in mid-March, we’ve been hit by COVID-19 and that has forced us to think a bit differently. In May the fruits of all of our work led us to release a beta Dota 2 subscription that we named the supreme membership because we wanted to make it the best learning experience possible for our users and invested a lot of resources to make sure that people can instantly increase their skills from the first minute after joining.

Now, 3 and a half months later we’ve realized this is the path forward. With over 300 happy subscribers who have increased their MMR almost instantly, we’ve decided there is no better way for people to learn than through personalized coaching experiences.

New Subscription-Based Model

So what does this mean moving forward? Starting from now, we are moving exclusively to a monthly subscription-based model. We still intend to do our master course format with pro players but they will now be moved into a membership format.

This means that you will no longer be able to purchase single courses and instead our users will have to subscribe to access any of the content. The price will be $10/month and this will grant you access to everything.

As long as you are members, your subscriptions will include:

  • All of our existing and upcoming game-related masterclasses with the pros.
  • Personal Gameplay Reviews
  • Weekly Live Sessions with top tier players
  • An exclusive invite-only community with other gamers focused on improvement
  • New Videos Everyday
  • Easy to Search and Access content & replay library.
  • 24/7 online coaches available to answer all questions
  • Giveaways
  • Challenges & Prizes.
  • & More

For now, this type of extensive membership is only available for Dota 2 but we intend to bring it to FIFA21 next and then all of our other games (and more in 2021) as soon as we polish all of the details for this one.

Improved Website & Learning Experience

Today marks the first day of our new business model as we’ve been working super hard to build a better platform that improves our users’ learning experience. Playing these games at the highest level is already difficult enough and we want to make it as easy as possible so you can focus on enjoying the game and climbing.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved GamerzClass website & explore our new subscription-based models designed to create the perfect personalized coaching experience.


-Team GamerzClass


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