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Marinus Fortnite

The story behind the production

Within our team, we each have our favorite game and back in August, we had a new partner joining GamerzClass. He was bragging about his 150 Victory Royals and pushing a Fortnite course as soon as possible. We totally agreed with him and started to find the perfect match for GamerzClass as we needed a top tier player and a top-tier communicator.

We instantly fell in love with Ettnix when we watched his stream. He was playing for Fnatic. He was a partner with Jarl and he was funny on camera. After reaching out to Ettnix we were pleased to know that he was hyped for the opportunity to take us through Fortnite.

At the first pre-interview session we knew that this would be something special. Ettnix had so much he wanted to talk about and he was good at it. Quickly we had the foundation of the course as Ettnix was so conscious about every step of the game.

The dates for Ettnix’s arrival in Copenhagen to our studio was arranged and we were all so excited about this partnership. The day game and I picked him up at the airport, from the beginning you could feel the chemistry between GamerzClass and Ettnix. We didn’t have a moment of silence and to feel how excited he was about his course was amazing.

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The first day of shooting went great. We started after arriving at the studio in central Copenhagen and eating some breakfast together. Compared to our earlier courses the setup was more expensive and more ambitious, so we were excited but also nervous to see how it would work out.

Quickly 12 hours had gone by since we started preparing for his arrival and we had finished the shootings of the day. It was a great day, after running a bit late, in the beginning, we managed to push through and actually shoot more episodes than expected, for that we can only thank Ettnix. His professional mindset and ability to perform on camera was insane – punchline after punchline.

Our day was not finished though, the second day was going to take place in a new setting and we had to change everything so that Ettnix could just show up relaxed and ready to go in the morning.

Even though the whole production team only had like 5 hours of sleep everybody was there on time with a smile on their face as they were looking forward to a new day of production. The next setting was the sofa setting and we were all really happy about the look.

Ettnix was picked up and ready to go. Through that day, everything went almost too easy. We had a lot of breaks to go over the content we just recorded and making sure that it was quality content. But Ettnix was really feeling it that day and didn’t want to stop, between each episode he was eager to continue.

At the end of the day we celebrated the course with a good family dinner and a beer for the hard-working staff. Since the production in October we have been working had to finish the Fortnite course. To see the course, go from raw cuts to the course it is today. And we are so proud of the turnout.

We really hope that all you guys will support Ettnix and our vision to produce high-quality educational content and grow esports!

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